12 Kitchens That Will Make You Schedule a Remodel ASAP

Unless you're incredibly wealthy, having your dream kitchen in your dream home, in your dream location can be difficult to acquire. Inevitably that will lead to some compromises on style. However, that doesn't mean that your kitchen has to remain the way you purchased it forever.

Whether you want a kitchen that embodies simple, timeless beauty, or you are longing for a cooking space that is as bold as the flavors you use, there is a solution designed just for you.

Below are 12 kitchens that creative homeowners dreamt up and installed in their homes. They are so gorgeous that it will be hard to resist starting your remodel before you even finish reading.

1. Baltimore Brass

Baltimore Kitchen Remodel

The classic black and white theme really makes you think a butler is about to serve you your next meal.

The stark contrast between the dark cabinetry and the white walls is artfully tied together by the addition of perfectly-aged brass hardware to make the countertops glow.

2. Miniature Magnificence

Mini Kitchen renovation

Urban kitchens are known less for space than for functionality, and this 25-square-foot kitchen on the Upper East Side is no exception.

However, remodelers at Sweeten found a way to make what seemed like a mouse house look like an ultra luxe galley kitchen.

3. Add a Little Rouge

Red Kitchen Renovation
Apartment Therapy

Just like a little blush can brighten up your face, so too can some strategically placed red accents liven up your kitchen.

4. Old is New

Retro never really goes out of style. So in a home where the walls speak to the history of the building, what better way to pay homage to its roots than to incorporate an updated, mid-century style into your kitchen?

5. Simple Spaces

Love this space? Tap if you do too? Credit: @eklundstockholmnewyork?

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Unfortunately, not every home has the ability to have an expansive kitchen. That should not limit your creativity though! Embrace your space and use light colors and natural materials to create a light, uplifting feeling in a space that could otherwise feel cramped.

6. Whitewashed

Scandinavian style simplicity is the envy of many homeowners and the reason behind Ikea's unstoppable popularity. This all-white kitchen does an excellent job of channeling the streamlined beauty of an airy, Nordic home, demonstrating why simplicity really is key.

7. Minimal

On the other hand, who says your kitchen has to be bright to feel airy and inviting? Poland Easst architects decided to approach a minimalistic aesthetic by bringing avant-garde appliances into this kitchen and pairing it with black surfaces and uncompromisingly clean lines.

The result? Pure beauty.

8. Written in Stone

rustic kitchen remodel

With this kitchen, beauty is really written in stone. Although concrete may seem like an unusual choice, its texture, when blended with light wood, sets the tone for a cozy, rustic interior.

9. Farmhouse Rustic

farmhouse rustic remodel
Apartment Therapy

Inspired by the grey skies of the Pacific Northwest, this English-style farmhouse kitchen really makes your feel warm and snug.

Just add some sunflowers and a dog, and not even the rain can keep summertime out of your home.

10. Natural Accents

The clean simplicity of a whitewashed kitchen is classic. However, if you add a few wooden accents, your kitchen suddenly becomes 10 degrees warmer - both in color tone and atmosphere.

11. Wide Open Spaces

Brooklyn Kitchen Remodel
Apartment Therapy

If you live in a studio with limited space, it can be hard to create a roomy feel, let alone host dinner guests.

This Brooklyn studio solved the capacity problem by maximizing its space and omitting awkward room dividers, instead opting for plenty of counter space and storage.

12. Summertime Splash

Do you want to keep the sunshine in your house all year round? Charlotte Lucas did, so she created a kitchen filled with color and soft lines that are guaranteed to bring a smile to your face each morning no matter the season.

Bonus: Bubble's Kitchen

Bath day is not Bubble's favorite ?

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Who says a remodel needs to be a heavy-duty overhaul? For a low-budget option, just use an adorable baby and a sink-sized dog. Your kitchen will instantly look more welcoming.

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