This Centenarian Has the True Key to Living a Long, Healthy Life

You've heard them all. Take your probiotics. Exercise regularly. Don't smoke. Wear your seatbelt. These are some of the widely accepted keys to a long, healthy life. We recently published a post about Florence Bearse, the 100-year-old woman who swears wine has helped her live so long. Click here to read up on Ms. Bearse.

No one is whining about having to drink wine to live longer, and the curious case of Florence Bearse piqued our interest. Are there other "keys" to a long life that many people would suggest are unhealthy? We dug into this a little, and it turns out one New Jersey woman may have knocked Florence down a peg. In 2015, a 110-year-old woman had a heavier, if you will, key to living a long, healthy life. Her secret? Miller High Life and whiskey.

When Agnes Fenton turned 110 in 2015, news teams ran with it. This New Jersey resident had lived what, for many, would be nearly two lives. What was her secret?

For 70 years, Fenton drank three Miller Highs and a glass of whiskey. We don't know what a glass of whiskey actually is ounce-wise, but we want one. And we want it yesterday.

Fenton swore that her doctor has prescribed this potent medicine, if you will, for her. We don't know if she's still drinking that whiskey, but one source says she was heading toward her 111th birthday last year. If Agnes is still around, August 1, 2017 will mark her 112th trip around the sun. We're going to crack a cold one and pour ourselves a hardy glass of whiskey on August 1 to celebrate.

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