11 Floral Cocktails So You Can Taste Your Valentine's Bouquet, Too

There are so many reasons to be anti-Valentine's Day, but one of them is not cocktails. In fact, floral cocktails may be just the thing to redeem this Hallmark holiday in the eyes of the American population. Whether they are fruity, crisp, sweet, or tart, there is almost no cocktail that can't be improved by the introduction of floral elements.

In fact, if you think about it, many liquors are already so botanical in nature that it just makes sense to amp up the floral tones in celebration of Valentine's Day. Because really, who doesn't like flowers?

1. Cardamom Rose Cocktail

cardamom rose floral cocktail
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What could be better than a classic bouquet of roses on Valentine's Day? Well, a rose cocktail of course! Spice it up with a hint of cardamom and you'll quickly be transported into a state of bliss.

Get the recipe here.

2. Blooms in The Orchard

blooms in the orchard floral cocktail
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Valentine's marks the end of winter and the coming of spring. What better way to celebrate this (almost) change in seasons than with a cocktail that commemorates blooming flowers?

Get the recipe here.

3. Blooming Champagne Cocktail


Champagne is a must on Valentine's Day. But if you drop a rose-scented hibiscus flower into your glass then you just upgraded your beverage to a show stopping sip.

Get the recipe here.

4. Cherry Blossom Cocktail

Cherry-Blossom-floral cocktail
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What could be a prettier addition to a cocktail than delicate cherry blossoms?

Cherries, vanilla, lemon, and rose complement the not-yet-tart flavor of cherry blossoms to create a deeply flavorful drink that is perfect for a holiday that's all about flowers.

Get the recipe here.

5. Golden Jasmine Martini

golden jasmine martini
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The heady scent of jasmine infuses this vodka mar-tea-ni with unexpectedly delicious results. Elegant and expensive looking, you'll feel a bit like you're sipping on liquid gold.

Try it out for yourself. Get the recipe here.

6. Lavender Bee's Knees

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As the name implies, this libation really is the bee's knees. Crisp and bright, this floral cocktail is a perfect choice for those who don't love the strong taste of gin. This smooth sipping, classic cocktail is timeless for a reason.

Take a sip of one to find out why. Get the recipe here.

7. Pomelder Prosecco Punch

prosecco punch

This Prosecco punch is infused with a variety of floral and fruity flavors to result in a perfectly balanced harmony that is sure to delight your tastebuds.

Get the recipe here.

8. Blood Orange and Elderflower Sparkler

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Blood oranges are in the peak of their season around Valentine's Day. Experiment with their citrusy and fiery centers by blending them with the soft notes of elderflower and champagne.

They'll set your heart on fire. Get the recipe here.

9. Bourbon in Bloom

bourbon floral cocktail
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Floral cocktails don't get any more elegant than this one. Swirl orange water with some bourbon and elegantly place a blossom on top for a simply sweet drink.

Get the recipe here.

10. Meyer Lemon Chamomile Cocktail

Meyer lemon chamomile cocktail

Chamomile is one of the most delicate flowers. Often we think of it as a relaxing alternative to tea, but why shouldn't you pair it with honey and lemon and a splash of gin?

You might discover that you have a new evening beverage. Get the recipe here.

11. Blood Orange + Rosemary Spanish Gin & Tonics

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Blazingly red blood oranges and softly scented lavender paired with the classic bouquet of a gin and tonic? What more could you possibly want from floral cocktails?

Get the recipe here.

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