These 11 Craft Beer Cans Make the Perfect Stocking Stuffers

While you will never be able to find Pliny the Younger canned on a shelf, if you made Santa's nice list, you may just find a beautifully crafted can in your stocking. Do the craft beer lover in your family a favor this Christmas, and stuff their stocking full of cans. Or better yet, stuff a beer sling and hang it next to the other stockings!

Regardless, stay away form bottles. Cans fit nicely, and they are better for the beer - easier to recycle, no skunked flavor due to light leak, and you can take them anywhere. Not to mention you won't have to worry about rambunctious kids running towards their present in the morning and accidentally knocking down a stocking full of glass.

If you thought there was an age limit on stockings, then you have never had a stocking full of beer. In no particular order, I present to you the 11 reasons why you should put canned beer in stockings.

Prepare yourself, Christmas is about to get a whole lot hoppier.

1. Maui Coconut Porter

Out there, there is a guy and all he wants for Christmas is a single can of Coconut Porter. Sadly, distribution prevents him from savoring his favorite beer on Christmas day.

If you are lucky enough to find one of Maui Brewing's finest this holiday, spread the love. And maybe, just maybe, one of you that can get your hands on that chocolatey tropical porter will stick a can in his stocking for Christmas.

2. Oskar Blues Ten Fidy

For that guy that can't get a can of Maui Coconut Porter, there is always Ten Fidy. From the brewery that started the craft beer CANvolution, comes the beloved Ten Fidy.

The thick imperial stout pours like motor oil, but taste like a bittersweet chocolate-infused spiked coffee. Exactly what a high gravity stout should be. Gift a can and watch it magically disappear.

And if you truly love someone, gift with a REEB.

3. Burial Donut Skillet

During Beer Week, patrons line around the corner waiting to get their flight of Donut Skillet variations on draft. But thanks to cans and the lovely folks at Burial, you can drink a Donut Skillet year round.

And what better time than on Christmas Day? Make your fellow beer lover happy, and give them the skillet they really want, the Donut Skillet.

4. Surly Coffee Bender

It's morning, and it's Christmas. So whatever gifts you open, you want to enjoy immediately, right? Great, glad we're on the same page.

Don't be shocked if the can of Coffee Bender disappears before the kids "mistakenly" open the gifts of family members who aren't even there. Brewed for the coffee drinker, this is one can that was meant for the morning. After all, it is a holiday.

5. Creature Comforts Tropicália

Crack open this citrusy IPA can and it will taste like you stuck a straw in an orange. Maybe throw in some chocolates, and you have a stocking full of festivities.

This is a beer that every beer lover will enjoy. You simply cannot go wrong stuffing this can into a stocking.

6. Anderson Valley Blood Orange Gose

Fruity, salty, and sour, this is Gose at its finest. Sours can get pricey, but a six-pack of the Blood Orange is decently priced.

If you have a sour fiend to satisfy this holiday season, stuff one of these bad boys in their stocking. And do yourself a favor, hide the rest of the pack for yourself.

7. Avery Old Jubilation

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There is only one time of year to drink a winter strong ale, and that's Christmas. If you want to gift a festive can this season, gift Old Jubilation.

Coming in at 8.3 percent, hints of hazelnut and mocha are sure to get any beer lover in the holiday spirit. It turns out it will be a very Merry Christmas after all.

8. 21st Amendment Marooned on Hog Island

21st Amendment makes some killer brews, and this is no exception. Featuring oysters from Hog Island Oyster Company, this is one of the best oyster beers around. Briny and rich, every beer lover should try this stout.

So wait until everyone is fast asleep and slip one into a stocking while you drink one for yourself.

9. Ballast Point Sculpin

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Finding a can of Sculpin in your stocking is like striking gold. It sells like gold, it looks like good, it even taste like gold - a gold member of the World Beer Cup that is. The citrusy grapefruit mixed with the bitter hops that hit the tongue will leave a warm-hearted smile on your craft beer lovers face.

It's too bad though that the coveted double dry-hopped batch never made its way into cans. That stuff was tasty. But that's okay, because a can of fresh Sculpin is all a beer lover really wants on Christmas Day.

10. NoDa Hop Drop n Roll

Another gold medal recipient of the World Beer Cup, Hop Drop 'n Roll is just too darn good to pass up.

Canned in 16 ounces, this is one tallboy that you won't want to pass up, and shouldn't because it's the holidays. You simply CAN't say no to this stocking stuffer.

11. The Alchemist Heady Topper

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For the craft enthusiast, nothing say you care like a stocking containing Heady Topper. If you can get your hands on this rarity, the lucky holiday recipient probably won't stop hugging you, and quite possibly won't stop crying. Tears of joy of course.

Beyond it's piney bite, the can actually instructs you not to pour it into a glass. I repeat, do not pour into a glass. The Alchemist made this IPA for cans, and wants you to drink it out of the can. Now that's dedication to the can.

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