1,001 Uses for Under $5 Dollars: Why You Need the Lil' Chizler

Can you name 1,001 ways to use water? What about wood? No, we can't think of more than twenty-or-so either. It would seem that things so basic should be able to be used in hundreds of ways, but figuring that out is above all of our collective pay grades.

What we do know, however, is that this weird lil' thing called the Lil' Chizler has 1,001 uses. No, it's not made from water nor wood.

Where have you been all my life Lil' Chizler? #lilchizler #cleaning

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This tiny, pink, American-made tool has seemingly endless functions. You can use it to add paint or paste. It helps you scrape wax off of your surf board (hang ten, friends).

You can open cans and boxes and food containers with it. It's even the perfect tool to scrape bugs off of your Chevy.

But won't scraping bugs off of my Chevy scratch the paint? Nope. Don't worry about damaging anything while using the Lil' Chizler.

According to the above Instagram video, courtesy of @bicgraphic, this tool "scrapes without scratching or marring." Whether you're working in a body shop, scrap booking, or fine-tuning some tile, this little plastic tool won't harm a thing.

The Lil' Chizler website says that, "Everyone needs a Lil' Chizler," and we're starting to agree. We'd love to see what it would do to a cast-iron pan that's caked in, well, muck. We also think that it'd be a fun, albeit excessive, way to remove stickers from fruit.

On a non-food-related note, we're wondering how it would work for hair removal. The facial hair game may have completely changed. (Disclaimer: Probably don't try scraping your mustache off with the Lil' Chizler.)

What you can try, though, is using it to scrape frost off. (Of your car. Not your face...) A 10-pack of Chizlers costs just $7.99.

That's less than one dollar per Lil' Chizler. You can pick your colors, choosing between pink, almond (seems grayish to us) or mixed. So, the real question is: What are you waiting for?

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