This Man Bought 100 Fries to Test the Odds of McDonald's Monopoly

Love it or hate it, McDonald's is not just an American food chain, it's become part of American culture. Like Coca-Cola, it is a brand that first conquered American audiences and began its path to global fast food domination. To spice things up each year, McDonald's begins its Monopoly game where it gives away numerous fancy prizes, from SUVs and all-expense-paid-vacations to smaller sorts like a free milkshake or free Big Mac meal. For years, McDonald's has promised that there is a 1 in 5 change to win every time you play. And one Canadian vlogger decided to put that to the test.

McDonald's Monopoly is currently running in Canada, and Furious Pete decided to test out those odds himself. By buying 100 large McDonald's fries.

He decided on fries because the packaging contains the board stickers, and because, well, transporting 100 drinks is a little difficult to do. The fun begins when he goes through the drive-thru to order the fries and throws on a large Diet Coke for good measure.

He delighted the McDonald's workers who were just flabbergasted someone actually order 100 fries. With a bill of over $340.68, Furious Pete received 202 Monopoly stickers, also known as 202 chances to win. Of those, he estimated to receive a minimum of 40 food items from this single bulk buy. All of this math is correct if McDonald's considers individual game stamp a part of the 1 in 5 chance of winning. Spoiler alert: They do not.

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When he returned home, he and his wife went about finding their treasure. While they didn't win anything spectacular like plane tickets, they did win 23 prizes, which disproves McDonald's claim that you have a 1 in 5 chance of winning every time you play. However, a glance at the Official Rules of Monopoly determines that the game pieces are counted as one item, even though you receive two separate stamps.

Furious Pete calculated that by not winning anything except a heckuva lot of free cheeseburgers, the odds were 1 in 9 of winning. By Monopoly's rules, that is actually fairly true. And as for the odds themselves, food prizes are listed with a 1 in 5 chance of winning, while the higher-ticket prizes, like plane tickets and vehicles, see much larger odds. Do you play McDonald's Monopoly when it comes around?

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