10 Popular Candles Under $30 That Smell Absolutely Wonderful

Fresh scents are a must around the house. The burning smell of mahogany and eucalyptus are perfect for calming the nerves after a long day. The smell of crisp tobacco and the refreshing scent of roses are great for Sundays around the house.

We have taken the liberty of guiding you through some of our favorite candles. Whether you're lighting it up for a dinner party or need something to relax with before sleep, we got you covered.

1. Paddywax Urban Collection Soy Wax Candle


This amber & smoke scented candle is something of southwestern desert dreams. It smells like heaven but looks even cuter in its rustic casing.

If amber & smoke doesn't suit you, don't worry. There are many more scents where this came from. This decorative candle is just $19.99.

2. Paddywax Candles Apothecary Collection Jar Candle


This unique blend of mint and crisp tobacco is the perfect way to bring the outdoors inside. It's perfect for an afternoon in while relaxing with a good book.

This 8 oz. candle is on sale for $17.68.

3. Voluspa French Cade & Lavender 3 Wick Candle 


This is one of my all time favorite candles. I have even kept the tin just for decoration, long after the candle itself has burned out.

This French cade & lavender scent is dreamy and heavenly scented. You can get this gem for just $21.88.

4. Bath & Body Works Aromatherapy Stress Relief 3-Wick Candle 


Another favorite, as I am sure we can all say. This candle is great for coming home after a long day and needing to relax.

The eucalyptus scent is refreshing for the mind and the home. Get this now for just $22.89.

5. Aspen Bay Jar Volcano Candle

blue candle

This 19 oz. candle is aesthetically appealing and fragrant, too. The smell of tropical fruits and lemon will have your mind wondering off to places you dream of going.

Buy your quick getaway for just $27.50.

6. Bath & Body Works White Barn 3-Wick Candle

brown candle

The mahogany teakwood scent is popular during the winter time, however those who know better know that this candle is timeless. It has that brisk fall scent with the added bonus of fire burning.

It might be perfect for bringing the joys of the cooler seasons to your home this summer. Shop it now for $22.93.

7. Paddywax Kaleidoscope Collection Travel Tin Candle

tin candle

Talk about a steal. This cutely designed candle not only brings flare into your home but also the fun scent of salted grapefruit.

Get it now for only $10.00.

8. Medium Moments Soy Wax Candle 


This bamboo sage scented candle is another calming candle we can get behind. The 8 oz. amber jar is the perfect decoration with its simplistic casing.

This candle is on sale right now for $23.00.

9. Yankee Candle Company Fresh Cut Roses Large Jar Candle


Wake up and smell the roses! This candle is perfect for spring and for getting that fresh floral scent without having to buy the real thing.

Get this for just $27.99.

10. Chesapeake Bay Candle Double Wick Tin Candle


Milk and honey are tasty additions to a nice cup of tea. Now, you can have the scent flowing through home, too!

This delight is only $19.99.