10 Bizarre Texas Competitive Eating Events for the Daredevils

Eating competitions are not a new genre of entertainment. For years, American competitive eaters have enjoyed shoving their faces at lightening speed to see how much edible substance they can physically stomach. Fat, thin, old, young, participants in this unique competitive class literally come in all shapes and sizes. So does the food, from the iconic Nathan's Famous hot dog eating contest in Coney Island, New York, to the bacon eating championship in Dallas, Texas.

Some of the contests that people have dreamt up over the years are nothing short of weird, and the weirdest are usually debuted at county fairs. There's been everything in the world of competitive eating from garlic consumption to rattlesnake ingestion and everything mild in between, like chicken wings.

What are some of the weirdest that the state of Texas has seen? Here are 10 of them.

1. Pepper Eating Contest

For true competitors, a pepper eating contest should be on your to-do list. It's one thing to shovel down trowels full of food. It's a whole other thing when that food is making you sweat, cry, and burn.

Should you be able to physically win this eating competition, the Hops n' Hot Sauce Festival will reward your efforts with a $500 cash prize. Just remember, when it comes to peppers, it's not about stomach capacity, it's about how much your tongue can handle.

2. Rattlesnake Eating Contest

Sweetwater Jaycees

You know that saying: Waste not, want not? Well, the residents of Sweetwater, Texas have certainly taken that to heart. While snake is not typically a menu item, there seems to be no shortage of potential meat donors out in the Texas fields.

Realizing this, the residents of Sweetwater decided it would be ecological (and probably a whole lot of fun) to see how many snakes could eat in one sitting. This is a major league eating competition, friends, that takes pro eating to a new level.

Held the second weekend of March for Sweetwater Jaycees Rattlesnake Roundup, it's not an event you want to miss.

3. Ramen-Off

2017 was the first of the planned annual ramen-off at Denton's Komodo Loco, an independent competitive eating contest. At the competition's debut, the restaurant hosted 12 eaters who were tasked with taking down as much ramen as they could in 1.5 hours. The winner this year managed to consume 5 entire bowls of broth and noodles. 

The best part about this professional eating event is that all proceeds were donated to a local charity.

4. Couples Eating Contest

Martin House Brewing Company Facebook

At the Martin House Brewing Company in Fort Worth, Texas, Valentine's Day is celebrated a little differently. It's done in pairs and with large amounts of food.

Flowers die, chocolate melts, but the experience of shoving the face of your partner full of spaghetti while they're blindfolded is a memory that will last forever. You might want to have a few practice sessions for your aim before you sign up.

5. Yogurt Eating Record

Yogurtville Allen Facebook

Not many people want to set a record for the amount of yogurt they can consume in 2 hours. Even if it is froyo. For those who do feel compelled to rise to the challenge, there is a steep record to break. Currently, a Finnish exchange student, Topi Tuohimaki, holds the record having consumed  89.1 ounces of frozen yogurt at Yogurtville Allen. That's over 5 ½ pounds of yogurt.

Can you top that? What would your dairy training regimen even look like to top that? This is one of those competitive eating events that's under the radar, but is nothing to shake a stick at.

6. The 10-Pound Burrito

The burrito was like 10 pounds? #casadeparadiso #10poundburrito #lordhelpme #bomb #carneasada

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So when you say you like burritos, how much did you really like them? Enough to try and eat 10 pounds of them? If you do like them that much, then the Yum Yum food truck in Fort Worth, Texas has you covered.

Feel free to indulge in their monstrous creation so gather up a team that can crush the burrito with serious speed eating skills. Sadly, you won't win anything. That is, except the immense satisfaction of knowing you can eat more Tex-Mex than most humans.

7. Zombie Bahn Mi

Cafe TH in Houston is the host of this fiery contest. The rules are simple: eat a 22-inch, 4.75-pound bahn mi in under 30 minutes. Oh, did we mention it's topped with smoking hot zombie sauce? Even the linebacker from the University of Houston was struggling. Do you think you can best him?

If you win, you'll get your photo on the restaurant's wall of fame. Will the king of professional eating contests, Adam Richmond, respond to this call to action? Only time will tell!

8. The Big Watt

Do you feel the need to see if you can defeat a 27-pound burger? If you do, then head directly over to Fat Boy's Bar & Grill in Houston, Texas. For $129.00, you can buy yourself a hamburger as big as your torso and try to tackle it. However, you can't take it to-go!

You must sit there and in five hours, devour the entire thing. If you manage, you'll earn yourself a free burger, a T-shirt, and $500. Just make sure to stack your team with a variety of eaters who won't spend an hour of the competition vomiting. You've been warned.

9. Bacon Eating Contest

This contest sounds so good in theory, but when you get right down to it, eating several pounds of bacon is not an activity for amateurs. However, for those who are able to take down the most bacon in a sitting, there is a year's supply of bacon waiting for you as a grand prize.

Bacon and Beer Classic hosts this event and is a traveling roadshow that rotates between US cities. Its last stop was at The Foundry in Dallas. We don't know what the world record is for bacon consumption, but the winners of this famous content probably come very close to it.

10. Onion Eating Contest

Hosted in mid-March in Weslaco, Texas, the onion eating contest is one of a kind. It takes place in the middle of an entire festival dedicated to onions. There is even a Miss Onion pageant, and those who enter the pageant participate in eating the raw onions.

That's right, you're competing to see who can eat the most raw onions. Good luck.

Which of these contests would you try to enter? Granted, they're no Nathan's Famous hot dog eating competition, but they're better because they're real Texas gems. Just make sure you prepare or you could be at risk of gastroparesis or intractable nausea.

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