10 Quirky Wedding Favors Your Guests Will Rave About

Planning a wedding not only takes a lot of work, but it's the one day you want to get right. Attending the rehearsal, testing cakes, trying on more dresses than you've worn in your life, and booking your dream venue can be stressful. Beyond all the details for the ceremony, there's also the tiny detail of passing out wedding favors to your friends and family. You could go the predictable route and pass out a bag of Jordan Almonds. But it's 2017, give your guests something they actually want.

Living in a DIY era has never been better - at least not for weddings. Use your crafty skills and gather all your gal pals for a night of favor making madness - be sure to treat them to some cocktails too. Or, outsource your unique gifts for a personalized touch. Whichever route you choose, these are the practical, yet thoughtful favors your guest really want.

1. Succulent Plant

Including succulent plants in your wedding are two-fold. They can be a part of the table centerpiece, while also serving as wedding favors.

Even your friends that aren't blessed with a green thumb can appreciate a succulent plant. They require little maintenance, and can match almost any home décor.

2. Koozies

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Giving the gift of a personalized wedding kooize is genius. It's the gift everyone can use, at the cost you can afford.

The best part, they will be able to utilized your wedding favor time and time again for years to come. If there is one favor that truly serves its purpose, it's the koozie.

3. Candles

DIY wedding candle favors are classy, and pracitical. If you've never made your own candle, that's what Pinterest was made for.

Check out a DIY tin candle here.

4. Olive Oil

Tiny glass bottles filled with cork capped olive oil are a unique, yet realistic favor to gift your wedding guests.

Thoughtful, practical, and extremely easy to make at home, olive oil is a wedding favor everyone will use.

5. Bottle Opener

You can never have too many beer bottle openers.

Root beer or beer, no matter the age or drink preference of the guest, bottle openers are the favor your guests will be happy to receive.

6. Personalized Mason Jar

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The uses of mason jars are endless, but at a wedding, there is only one thing your guests want and that's booze. Let your guests enjoy the open bar with their very own personalized mason jar.

Line up a display of mason jars that guests can enjoy at the wedding, and then take home. This idea is great for a rustic, outdoor wedding.

7. Soap

Who doesn't use soap? Pick a mold and scents like lavender, and add herbs such as sage.

Hand soap, body soap, or save for special occasion soap, the soap will get used.

8. Sunglasses

Getting married on the beach at sunset? You might not be staring directly into the sun, but your guests are. Sunglasses are the ideal favor for guests attending a sunset ceremony.

But please, pass out your favors before the ceremony begins - your friends and family are going to need them.

9. Breath Mints

There's a good chance that one of your groomsmen or bridesmaids are single. And odds are, you've invited a friend that would be a perfect match for him or her.

If that's the case, some breath mints might come in handy. Even if that's not the case, anyone can appreciate a good breath mint now and again.

10. Matchbook

If your wedding is a rustic theme, matchbooks are an excellent favor. Even if it's not rustic themed, a set of matchbooks can come in handy in the most unexpected of circumstances.

Starting a campfire, lighting candles during a blackout, or possible lending a light to your future husband or wife to be, a personalized set of matches can come in handy in more ways than Jordan Almonds ever would.

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