10 Vegetables You Can Spiralize and Noodle for Dinner

You know what they say: You don't have to spiralize, but it'd probably be a lot cooler if you did. Maybe they didn't say exactly that, but there are worse things in life than spiralizing. Therefore, we refuse to let you sink into the sad reality of no longer being able to turn your favorite veggie into a low-carb pasta substitute (or to make yourself think you're having the time of your life eating noodle-shaped vegetables), we have cultivated a list of not only vegetables that can be spiralized, but how to use such spiralizations into your everyday cooking.

First, you're going to want to invest in some type of spiralizer. Now, there are various styles and types in the market, but fret not! Pick whichever seems most suitable to your style and necessity of use, and you'll be golden. If the thought of entering Bed, Bath, and Beyond or William Sonoma sends you into pure panic and disorientation, there is no shame in visiting the trusted and true Amazon website for all of your kitchen needs.

1. Carrots


BBQ isn't just another option for breakfast, lunch, or dinner in the South, it's a culture all in it's own, and it's to be taken seriously.

What a better way to combine your love of BBQ with your daily intake of fresh veggies than by spiralizing the heck out of those carrots and smothering them in BBQ sauce. Find the recipe here.

2. Bell Peppers


Let's be honest: food is more fun when it's colorful, and this dish is sure to exceed the rainbow expectations some aim for in each meal.

Where there is a rainbow of colors, there is variety, and variety makes it healthy, right? Get the recipe.

3. Sweet Potato

Eating Well

As if the world needed another reason to be utterly obsessed with sweet potatoes, people started spiralizing them. To be completely transparent here, we are not--and would never be--mad about that.

This luscious blend of low carb with the flavors of an Italian staple will win over the hearts and tummies of any dinner guest. Get the recipe.

4. Broccoli

Make The Best of Everything

What better way to accompany that carrot BBQ sandwich than with a tangy slaw?

This spiralized broccoli stem take on a signature side is exactly what you and your family need for a Sunday night supper. Get the recipe.

5. Beetroot

Eat Drink Paleo
Eat Drink Paleo

Do you consider yourself adventurous in the culinary world, or maybe just looking for a change of scenery? Try out this raw beetroot recipe to spice up your eating routine.

Plus, beetroot can boost your circulation and give you some of the vitamin C you need. Get the recipe.

6. Butternut Squash


When you're in denial that the long, vitamin D-filled days of summer are over, but need a little soup in your life, look no further.

This light take on a classically dense soup is perfect to set the stage for seasonal transition, and helps in aiding the drops in temperature to come. Get the recipe.

7. Cucumber

A Saucy Kitchen

When you need revitalization, or even something outrageously refreshing, this salad with spiralized cucumbers will not disappoint.

Get the recipe.

8. Onion

Pinch of Yum

This is an eclectic blend of things other than onions, but the important thing to notice here is the mere fact that you can, indeed, spiralize an onion.

This recipe, which combines some of our favorite veggies to spiralize, and bursts with flavor because Pad Thai, that's why. Get the recipe

9. Celery Root

Scaling Back Blog
Scaling Back Blog

Although the recipe calls for the cutting of celery root, it's entirely doable (and encouraged) to utilize your spiralizer to do the trick.

The grapes in this salad add a sweetness that compliments the taste and texture of the celery root perfectly. Get the recipe.

10. Zucchini


Ah-ha--the vegetable that (seemingly) started the craze of spiralizing. How could we forget?!

Fear not, as this rich, creamy, goodness of a dish will get you through any rainy, or unordinarily chilly, fall day. Get the recipe.

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