10 Odd Microwave Foods You Never Knew Existed

The year was 1967 when the first microwave ovens appeared in American homes. Now, 50 years later, these radio waves-reliant cooking contraptions still  sit on our kitchen counters, softening our butter and reheating leftovers. Over the years, the food industry developed microwave meals served in microwave-safe packages. Even now, microwave recipes like a chocolate mug cake or a baked potato are popular Pinterest searches for those who aren't in the mood to cook.

Some of these microwaveable foods are still popular--single-serving macaroni and cheese, for instance, or mini pizzas. The college student crowd really has the rest on lock. But other microwaveable foods are so bizarre we can hardly believe they existed, let alone made it onto someone's plate. Here are 10 of the weirdest microwavable foods that ever emerged from the freezer.

1. Jimmy Dean Pancake & Sausage on a Stick

Jimmy Dean.

Step One: Microwave sausage-wrapped pancake sticks on high for 50 - 55 seconds.

Step Two: Eat like, seven of them.

Step Three: Go back to sleep for another four hours.

2. Hot Pockets Four Cheese Garlic Pasta Bake

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The late night snack of choice of stoned communication majors everywhere, Hot Pockets microwave at ultra-fast speeds and come stuffed with all manners of gooey goodness.

In 2011, Hot Pockets released the Limited Edition Four Cheese Garlic Pasta Bake, a crispy garlic crust oozing with not one, not three, but four different types of melted cheese and mini penne. Hot Pocket took these off the shelves, because some things are just too beautiful for this world.

3. Lowery's Microwave Pork Rinds

Microwavable pork rinds are my new favorite low carb snack. Don't judge meh.

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If you're able to microwave these without burning them, the chewy chicharrones aren't half bad.

Lowery's Microwave Pork Rinds come in "Original" and "Hot & Spicy" flavors, and--bonus--they're low in carbs, low in fat, and high in protein.

4. Banquet's Cheesy Smothered Meat Patty Meal


So many questions. What type of meat is in the "patty"? What is this "Cheesy" aforesaid meat patty is smothered in?

How is it possible that Cheesy Smothered Meat Patty Meals are still being sold, when Shark Bites were discontinued years ago?

5. Kraft Bagel-Fuls


Basically, a bagel and cream cheese tube form. Pairs well with Pancake & Sausage on a Stick (see above).

6. TimberRidge Farms Scrambled Egg Patties


Scrambled egg patties sound rubbery and gross, but fans raised quite a commotion when Walmart stopped selling these microwavable egg frisbees. Go figure.

7. Dr. Oetker Instant Mug Cake


Using the mighty microwave, you can transform mushy mix into a mini mug cake! Mmmm...

8. Amy's Veggie Loaf


This meal covers a variety of major food groups, including vegetables, carbohydrates, and loaf.

9. Hungry-Man All Day Breakfast 


You'd have to be a pretty darn hungry man to finish the Hungry-Man All Day Breakfast, which features more than a pound of pancakes, eggs, sausage, bacon, and hash browns smushed together in one box.

Incidentally, it also contains 1,030 calories with a whopping 21 grams of saturated fat (104 percent of the recommended daily value).

10. Costco's Nuevo Grille Carnitas Street Tacos


Inspired by the authentic tacos that vendors microwave on the streets of Mexico.

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