Lone Star State Staples: 10 Meals No Texan Can Resist

We have composed a list of the most irresistible meals, no Texan could possibly resist. From pimento cheese to Texas sheet cake to the ultimate in comfort foods, chicken fried steak, there is no way a native born under the stars at night in my home state could possibly say no to these 10 delectable meals.

Make all of these meals and watch your favorite Texans squeal with glee as their taste buds become smothered with specialties from deep in the heart of the Lone Star State. So, gather around the table y'all, and don't forget your favorite hot sauce, because it's time to get your grub on the Texas way.

1. Pimento Cheese and Dr. Pepper Cake

Homesick Texan

Every child in Texas comes home from school to a snack of pimento cheese, either on celery sticks or on plain white bread, and Dr. Pepper cake.

Pimento cheese is the zesty, creamy jacked-up version of plain cheddar cheese, while Dr. Pepper cake is the smooth, sweet decadence that any child looks forward to after a hard day of school.

She Wears Many Hats

This meal oozes with nostalgia, rich cheesy goodness, and the always classic, chocolate-y Dr. Pepper indulgence. Serve this meal and remind all your Texan friends of the good ol' days before they had to pay bills and taxes.

2. Shrimp Queso Flameado with Ranchera Salsa and Pork Tamales

Homesick Texan

Being a list dedicated to all things involving food in the Lone Star State we had to include a queso recipe, but y'all this isn't your typical queso--this is the ultimate queso.

Melty queso blanco, rich ranchera salsa, and always delicious, shrimp. This will become your favorite queso recipe, whether you're a Texan or not.

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For the main course, homemade pork tamales, because Texans rarely have a meal without pork products and tamales reign King no matter the season or occasion.

Once you make a batch of these, every Texans for miles will come knocking on your door just to grab a bite.

3. Buttermilk Fried Chicken and Collard Greens

Wide Open Eats

Marinating your chicken in buttermilk the night before enriches your chicken with creamy flavor and ensures that your chicken will stay moist in the fryer.

Paired with collard greens, be sure to dip your chicken in the rich pot liquor that is created as the greens cook down.

Divas Can Cook

These two things are a classic Texas food match made in heaven.

Be sure to put some hot sauce on the table, because fried chicken is made so much better by a couple of dashes of Cholula, the national hot sauce of Texas.

4. King Ranch Chicken Casserole and Texas Sheet Cake

Ready, Set, Eat

King Ranch casserole is a super easy Texas meal that can be prepped in about 20 minutes but gobbled up in less than 10.

Spicy green chilies, onions, green bell peppers, and hearty chicken combine to make this winner-winner-chicken-dinner. Side note: Ranch dressing has nothing to do with this recipe and I promise you won't miss it.

Tori Avey

That's right y'all--we have our own sheet cake.

Moist chocolate cake topped with fudgy icing and finished with our state nut, crunchy pecans, maybe you should bake two, because once word gets out that you made this, all your Texan friends will be hankerin' for a slice.

5. Brisket Tacos and Margaritas

Homesick Texan

That's right y'all--just when you thought brisket couldn't get any better leave it to us Texans to perfect the already perfect by taco-ing it.

Smokey, beefy brisket and all the classic taco fixin's will fill the belly of even the most hungry of Texans, because these brisket are hearty and big on flavor.


Texans like their margaritas pure, fresh, and heavy on the tequila. With only four ingredients of lime juice, amaretto, good tequila, and ice, all you have to do is throw them in the blender or stir them up in a pitcher to serve.

This recipe is exactly what any Texan craves after a long day in the summer sun.

6. Chorizo, Egg, Potato, and Cheese Breakfast Tacos and Horchata

Dash of Texas

My personal favorite breakfast taco is one that is composed of spicy, porky chorizo, cheese, crispy potatoes, and eggs.

Quick, easy, and delicious, there isn't a better way to fuel up when you wake up under a big, blue Texas sky.

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Pair your perfect breakfast tacos with this rice, milk, and cinnamon-based beverage to revitalize yourself after a peaceful night's slumber.

Horchata is a refreshing drink to enjoy any time of the day, but I like to start my mornings off with it.

7. Texas Beef Chili and Cheddar and Jalapeño Skillet Cornbread

Once Upon a Chef

I cannot stress this enough, never, ever, don't even think about it--never put beans in a Texas-style chili. Texas chili is made of a good quality beef chuck roast, bacon, and spices that has been cooked down into a rich and delicious sauce.

Think melt-in-your-mouth meaty flavor followed by a thick, flavorful sauce.

Foodie Crush

Then, grab a slice of jalapeño-cheese cornbread and dive elbow deep into that sauce. This is the kind of meal that will warm you up on a cool Lone Star night or fill you up after a long day floating the Guadalupe in the summer.

8. Shrimp and Crab Gumbo and Tres Leches Cake

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Y'all, Texas is a mix-match of many different cultures and here in the Lone Star State we will finish a pot of gumbo and follow it with creamy tres leches cake, because why not?

The Pioneer Woman

The spiciness of the gumbo is quelled by the velvet richness of the tres leches cake, thus making these dishes a match made in Texas-food-heaven.

Be sure to make a big pot of fluffy white rice to pour your gumbo over and make sure you have some hot sauce on the table, I suggest Cajun Chef for this meal.

9. Biscuits and Sausage Cream Gravy and Poppy Seed Kolaches


Y'all, this is another Texas-ism. When smothering fluffy biscuits, fresh out of the oven, the gravy that you use must be white cream based and must be laced with good pork sausage.

Hot sauce also needs to be on the table for this recipe.

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Then, pair them with sweet poppy seed kolaches for a little Czech-flare and that deep-in-the-heart-of-Texas flavor.

This meal is sure to get any Texan out of bed and ready to start their day.

10. Chicken Fried Steak and Mashed Potatoes and Texas Green Beans

Wide Open Eats

This is the ultimate Texas meal that I guarantee no native-born Texan could possibly bear to resist.

Crunchy chicken fried steak and mashed potatoes made easy by being cooked in your crock pot, all smothered in a peppery white cream gravy, this is a stick-to-your-ribs specialty.

Wide Open Eats

Add a side of one of the dishes I can't live without, Texas-style green beans, and you have a hearty dish to feed all of your Texas friends.

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This recipe is a classic for a reason and it's the perfect vegetable for even non-vegetable fans.

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