10 Helpful Kitchen Gadgets That Immediately Reduce Food Waste

Researchers have estimated that about one-fifth - or twenty percent - of the world's food supply is lost through food waste. Over-consumption and tossing out food are the two main culprits contributing to this food loss statistic in the United States. As a result of household food waste in particular, the landfills are piled high with food left to turn into methane, adding to greenhouse gas emissions. That's not exactly environmentally friendly and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is not proud.

While we're all guilty food waste, there are a few kitchen gadgets that can help in seeing waste reduction dwindle. Geared towards practicing more sustainable methods in the kitchen, these 10 environmentally conscious gadgets can help reduce wasted food. Food waste prevention and waste management are easy if you have the right tools to streamline the process.

1. Sur La Table Farberware Food Huggers


Want to extend the life of half-eaten fruits and veggies? The nifty Sur La Table Farberware Food Huggers can help you store food longer. These BPA-free silicone food huggers fit perfectly on all portion sizes, especially of sliced produce like fresh fruits, and they're dishwasher safe! Cover up a lemon to keep it from drying out, or place it on a half-eaten tomato. You'll be surprised how much longer they last belong the food date.

The food huggers can also be used to seal an open jar, making it the perfect well-rounded product for the food industry. Rather than fill up the fridge with bulky tupperware, the Farberware Food Huggers take up only necessary space in the refrigerator. For just under $10, you can get a colorful set of four and keep your produce fresher, longer.

2. Glass Herb Keeper


Herbs going bad before you can use them? Keep your herbs from grocery stores or your own garden fresher, longer with the Glass Herb Keeper. It easily fits into your refrigerator door's drawer for compact storage.

Herbs and greens often spoil before you can use them, but not with the Glass Herb Keeper. This anti-leak fresh herb container keeps your herbs and greens fresh for up to two weeks and counteracts their methane emissions to do so. This is one storage option with the pace of human consumption in mind, and will fit in any kitchen, where it's a small studio in New York City or a huge farmhouse kitchen in Washington.

No need to worry about BPA, because this container is BPA-free. It also includes a free Paleo recipe ebook to make the most out of your fresh ingredients. Costing you  only $23.99, you can keep your herbs longer than their expiration dates, and help in reducing food scraps in your kitchen.

3. Citrus Saver


Not using all your citrus fruit? Put it in a container meant to keep it fresh. The Progressive Citrus Keeper Set is designed to lock in flavor while preserving your half used citrus fruits. Lemons and limes will stay juicy, preventing them from turning to waste, and keeping them off your shopping lists longer,

The Progressive Citrus Keeper Set is available for under $13 through Amazon Prime. The set comes in two colors - green and yellow - optimizing your refrigeration organization. The airtight dome lid unlocks with a simple twist, allowing easy access to your fruit.

With the ability to fit a whole lemon, or just a wedge, you won't have to worry about digging for the right-sized container again! Your food waste reduction will decrease when you have fresh citrus on-hand.

4. Food Cycler


Compost is one of the best answers to eliminating produce waste. With the compact Food Cycler, you can speed up the process and turn waste into compost in three hours. Edible food goes right in and is ready for any gardening projects you're conquering next. With this on your countertop, you'll seriously reduce your environmental impact and reduce your reliance on food manufacturers.

While some composting bins create terrible odors, the indoor Food Cycler is odor free! It reduces uneaten food to 90 percent of its original volume, and requires no venting, draining or additives. For $299, you can get this eco-friendly compost bin and prevent your scraps from filling up the landfill - and nourish the garden instead!

5. Kitchen Maestro Counter Top Compost Bin


Don't have the money to spend on the Food Cycler, the Kitchen Maestro Counter Top Compost Bin will do the job within your budget. Running just under $75, the Kitchen Maestro Counter Top Compost Bin is the eco-friendly organic recycling bin you need in the design you love. Now that's stylish food safety on a consumer level, combing food and agriculture in the best way for natural resources.

Coming in a variety of fun colors, this stainless steal compost bin has the durability you need with the features you want. The airtight lid prevents bugs from getting in, while the odor absorbing filters keep the smell from getting out. Plus, it fits nicely on the counter for easy access. Talk about preserving natural resources!

The Kitchen Maestro holds 1.2 gallons of compost and comes with a bonus of 50 free compost bags! With the Kitchen Maestro, you can compost at a cheaper price, and feel good about your contribution to the environment.

6. Nutri Ninja


Have some fruits and veggies you need to use up before they turn, but not sure what to make? The Nutri Ninja is here to help. Turning whole foods and all edible parts into smoothie, sauces, and creamy soups, the Nutri Ninja can help prevent produce and dairy products from going to waste.

The powerful Ninja Pro Extractor Blades are designed to cut through ice, leaving your smoothies ice cold. Simply package your smoothie ingredients together, freeze food, and throw it in the blender in the morning. The 900 watts work at high speed, turning your whole produce into a creamy blend in no time. If you're participating in a food waste challenge, this is how you're going to win.

For under $67 you can get the Nutri Ninja that comes with an 18-ounce and 24-ounce to go cup with a sealable lid. This is not only convenient, but it cuts down on water usage doing the dishes. There is also a 30-recipe guide that comes with the Nutri Ninja. So don't let your produce go to waste, blend it instead!

7. Wuddie Stainless Steal Zester


Have you been tossing out your fruit rinds? Save and zest them instead. The Wuddi Stainless Steal Zester is the tool fit for all your zesting needs. Turn rinds that would wind up in the trash into zest instead. Toss it in baked goods or throw some into your salad dressing. Fight global food waste right from your own kitchen!

The Wuddi Stainless Steal Zester is FDA approved and BPA-free, so no need to worry about harmful chemicals. The tiny holes of this zester are designed to not pick up pith, so need need to worry about adding bitterness to your food. The slender body makes for easy storage, while the non-slip grip allows for easy handling.

For just under $8, you can get this multi-use tool that also grates cheese along with fresh spices. Plus, there is a 100 percent money back guarantee if you aren't satisfied within the first 30 days. So please, utilize your citrus rinds and turn them into usable zest instead.

8. Good Grips Magnetic All Purpose Clips


Chip clips and rubber bands always seem to go missing whenever you need them, and improper storage is a common reason why food spoils easily. That's why you should get the OXO Good Grips Magnetic All-Purpose Clips

For only $6.99, you get a 4-pack of assorted colored magnetic clips. Next time you need to keep a bag of chips or lettuce fresh, you'll be able to easily find them to save your uneaten leftovers. The clips can also be hung from a hook -- they're a waste toolkit must-have.

With the OXO Good Grips Magnetic All-Purpose Clips you're food will be kept fresh and won't prematurely stale. Prevent surplus food from spoiling too soon and reduce your own consumer food waste. It's the little things.

9. Bee's Wrap


Tired of using plastic wrap? Try Bee's Wrap, a natural alternative to man made plastic wraps. It not only keeps food fresh, but it's reusable, cutting your waste by one-third if you use plastic wrap and foil as much as I do.

Plastic wrap is a one-time use product that's overwhelming popular everywhere from America to the U.K. to the rest of Europe, but with Bee's Wrap, you get sustainable storage with multiple uses that lasts up to one year. For $18 you can get a 3-pack that comes in three different sizes for your wrapping needs.

Cheese, citrus fruits, bread, and bowls of food can all be kept fresh with the help of Bee's Wrap. Made out of organic cotton muslin, beeswax, jojoba, and tree resin, Bee's Wrap is a natural product that specializes in food efficiency to help you waste less food.

To use, simply mold the wrap to the bowl or food using the heat from your own hand, giving the wrap over your uneaten food a nice tight seal. The natural antibacterial qualities of beeswax and jojoba help keep your food fresh. So ditch the plastic, and go Bee's Wrap.

10. NESCO Dehydrator


With one-fifth of food waste winding up in the landfill and food prices rising across the world, kitchen tools that can reduce that number are much needed to create a positive food system. Here to help is the NESCO Dehydrator.

The NESCO American Harvest FD-61 Snackmaster Encore Dehydrator and Jerky Maker extends the life of your food by drying it out. Make banana chips, jerky, or add fruit to your homemade trail mix using the NESCO Dehydrator. Your food production power will seriously increase, especially if you use food grown in your own garden.

While canning can be a time consuming process, not to mention harmful if not done properly, using the NESCO Dehydrator is easy as it does all the work for you. The 500 watts generate maximum speed, allowing you to dehydrate your food in hours. You can request smaller portions to make your net food production even smaller.

With an adjustable thermostat, you can dry foods between 95-160°F. The Patented Converga-Flow is designed to allow air to be forced down through the exterior pressurized chamber rather than the trays, so flavors won't get mixed. Additionally, dehydrating wholesome food locks in the nutrient-packed power.

For right under $60, you can get this fast acting NESCO Snackmaster Encore Dehydrator that turns your perishables into a long shelf life food. Don't let food unnecessarily go to waste, order your dehydrator today!

If you're feeling generous and want to invest in your local food supply chain, consider donating one of these items to local food banks or food pantries in your area so those food donations are properly stored and last much longer. Local governments are responsible for funding a waste campaign, and many have limited funds to distribute.

Another way to help reduce food waste is to check in with your local grocers on what they do with unsold food. Reaching out to the food service industry is a great step beyond your own kitchen to prevent food waste, which in turn plays into climate change as a whole. To stay on top of natural resources news, follow your local government agencies, as well as the United Nations on an international level.

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