10 Rugged Tools That Transform into DIY Bottle Openers

You think you're crafty? These DIY bottle openers are a whole new level of craftiness. Going to extremes, DiResta shows how you can utilize tools in your house and transform them into a beer lover's best friend - the bottle opener. With a creative imagination and touch of tactical skill, you too can have a homemade bottle opener.

From welding screwdrivers and cutting into saws, there are ten household items that can help you pop open a cold one.

If you thought beer drinkers were lazy, this would suggest otherwise. Only a true beer lover would be inspired enough to manipulate the common household tool into a bottle opener. However, this is also an interesting homemade holiday gift idea - how much would your dad love opening his beer with an axe?

Although, you can't help but wonder how badly this guy wanted a beer to come up with all these crazy contraptions. Or maybe he was inspired by the dual purpose paint can openers.

Something about the fast motion photography may suggest otherwise. Regardless of what sparked the industrial strength bottle opener innovation, you will never have to go thirsty again.

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