10 Foods We Love to Hate + How to Make Them Delicious

To eat or not to eat. That is the question. While many of us have a list of foods that we'd prefer not to eat, there are some things that people claim are edible, but that we just cannot stomach. Hey, food hate is real. Naturally, everyone's food preferences are different, but there are some dislikes that have a pretty wide following. I will even admit that I harbored a hatred for a few of the more well-known offenders until I decided that I was going to give them one last chance. Thank goodness I did.

So cheers to us who have been able to get over our food hate prejudices and learn to enjoy some of culinary's most underrated delicacies. For those who are still on the journey, here are 10 foods that you may be struggling with and reasons why you should learn to love them.

1. Brussels Sprouts

Brooklyn Supper

If you are one of the few remaining stalwarts of the old-school view of Brussels sprouts, then please allow me to introduce you to the 21st-century preparation of these mini cabbages.

No longer and they soggy and scented like the garbage can. No, they are crispy, full of flavor, and surprisingly easy to prepare. Get a recipe to change your mind here.

2. Mushrooms

Cuoco Contento

If you hate mushrooms, I don't understand it. This is one of the few foods I have always liked.

However, I have heard that the thought of them being fungi in combination with their bizarre texture can make them off-putting. Get a recipe to change your mind here.

3. Beets

Gather & Feast

Some people despise these wonderfully colored vegetables due to their ability to stain everything they come into contact with as well as their mildly metallic taste. However, these folks are missing the whole point.

Beets are loaded with iron, hence their metallic taste. Plus, if we're being honest they're quite sweet which makes them a fabulous addition to salads when you want a little sugar but aren't willing to sprinkle on those candied pecans.

Get a recipe to change your mind here.

4. Turnips

Dishing Up the Dirt

Even I agree turnips are a bit strange. They are similar to carrots, but they taste much more like dirt. (If I'm being fully candid, I must admit that I cannot stand carrots so it's no surprise I'm not close friends with turnips either.) Besides you have to cook them for ages to make them edible.

However, then someone told me you could use them in things like mashed potatoes and soups. My world changed. So should yours. Get a recipe to change your mind here.

5. Mayonnaise

In It 4 The Long Run

Of course this condiment is gloppy and white! That's why you don't just eat it with a spoon or slather it onto a sandwich. That's doing it wrong. Mayonnaise is meant to make sauces creamy and add depth and richness of flavor.

Don't believe me? Get a recipe to change your mind hereOr better yet, learn to make mayonnaise at home. It's a game changer. Just make sure you're careful about consuming raw eggs.

6. Oysters

bon appétit

As children we knew nothing about life so we believed people when they told us oysters were disgusting. I hate to break it to you, but those people were lying. They only said that so that there would be more oysters for them to enjoy.

Although, if you happen to genuinely struggle with their texture and not their taste (like me), try baking them. It will change your entire outlook on these pearl-producing bivalves. Get a baked oyster recipe to change your mind here.

7. Blue Cheese

The FeedFeed @Meike Peters

I get it, you're eating mold, it's weird. But it's also delicious. Especially when you pair the slightly earthy, sharp flavor of blue cheese with sweet fruits and flaky pastry crusts.

You'll suddenly find yourself reevaluating your hatred of this smelly fromageGet a recipe to change your mind here.

8. Anchovies

The Freaky Table

Oh my god, if you've ever opened a can of these little guys you've probably immediately dropped them into the trash. It's okay. I forgive you. It's time to try again.

Just this time, buy fresh anchovies. It's shocking, but these little white fish are actually mild when you buy them fresh or lightly packed in oil from the deli. Seriously, you may even begin to branch away from Cesar dressing and start putting them on toast points to enjoy their unadulterated flavor.

Get a recipe to change your mind here.

9. Liver

That Other Cooking Blog

No other organ has such an unfortunate reputation as the liver. No matter if it's dressed up and given a fancy name - hello fois gras - or if it comes from a chicken instead of a duck, there is something about liver that turns people off. I mean, it is the body's waste filter for crying out loud!

I still say you should try it again. Ancient tribes considered it the delicacy of the hunt for a reason. When it's properly prepared, it is outstanding. Get a recipe to change your mind here.

10. Jello

Baking Yum

We all went through a phase as kids where we loved Jello. It was wiggly, colorful, and you could cut shapes out of it. Then we grew up and we couldn't enjoy it in public anymore so we decided to shun this dessert. It's sad really.

Thankfully, some creative chefs who missed their childhood favorite discovered how to incorporate it into adult-approved desserts so that once again we can fall in love with this colorful gelatin. Get a recipe to change your mind here.

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