10 Dreamy Fire Pits You'll Want to Lounge Around All Night Long

With daytime temperatures heating up and the nights bringing in that cool summer breeze, there's no better time  to invite friends and family over for an evening surrounded by fire--the good kind. Regardless if you have a fire pit of your own, have friends with a killer backyard set up, or are all about an open field, the options are forever in your favor when it comes to the kinds of fire pits that are out there.

You can have a fire pit in the city or country, no matter where you call home. Whichever way you choose to enjoy the sweet summertime and the overly enjoyable nights they bring, you'll be sure to have a night to remember. Bust out the s'mores, crack open an ice cold beer and pop the bottle of Prosecco because summer has officially arrived, and a fire pit near you is waiting.

1. In-The-Ground Pit

Who says you need to buy a basic fire pit that you and all your neighbors will have when you can build your own?

Better yet, customize the heck out of it to fit the scenery of your land.

2. Pool-Centric

Nothin' says fire pit like one out by the pool. Take a quick dip during the day and relax by the water at night. What's better than that?

3. Homegrown

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Stay true to your roots and showcase your team love with a custom-made fire pit declaring your pride and dedication.

4. Rooftop

Enjoy the sunset from the top of your roof while snuggling up under a blanket next to a stellar, intergalactic fire pit.

If this isn't your ideal view, we don't know what is.

5. Metalistic

You don't always need the glitz and glam to have the fire pit of your dreams.

Sometimes it just takes carefully crafted metal in just the right angles to create a simple yet diverse fire pit, just for you.

6. Industrial Wonderland

Salvaged parts make for rustic decor in more ways than you'd think.

If you've got the eye for hunting, you could craft up a beauty such as this in no time flat.

7. Great Ball of Fire

Create a fire pit that mimics your taste and lifestyle for a pit to last a lifetime.

If you're an artistic soul, designing a fire pit is in your wheelhouse and leaves little room for disappointment and much to be admired.

8. Up in the Hills

There's nothing more relaxing than coming home after a long day of work to sit alongside your fire pit in cushioned benches that overlook the hills.

We can almost hear this view calling our name (almost).

9. Celtic-Inspired

With the Celtic influence on the banding of this fire pit, you can stay true to your roots and impress those with a little bit of culture all at the same time.

10. Rotation Station

Nothing screams 'innovation' like a rotating fire pit. Not only does it turn a full 360 degrees, it operates off propane; lasting as long as the night.

With so many different styles for differentiating livelihoods, what will your first, or next, fire pit be?

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