10 Adorable Dairy Farms to Follow on Instagram

You wouldn't imagine that dairy farmers are some of the best Instagrammers around. I know, it sounds ridiculous. However, if you think about it for a minute, suddenly it seems logical that these dairy farms would use their quirky, country lifestyle as a calling card for their product. After all, most of the folks purchasing their delicious cheeses or quality milk are stuck in concrete jungles where their closest contact to livestock is cow photograph they saw on John Oliver's Last Week Tonight.

So, to bring a little more authentic countryside into your life, you should follow these 10 dairy farming Instagram accounts and learn no only where your cheese comes from, but also a little about the lifestyle that it encourages.

1. Lost Peacock Creamery

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Out in Washington reside some goats. Okay, there are technically a lot of goats, but we're talking about one farm in particular. The dairy industry is made up of small farms just like this one, with full functioning dairy operations.

Although it's called Peacock Farms, the family who runs this business promises that they don't actually milk the peacocks. They are all about goats and the wonderful goat cheese they produce.

2. Green Dirt Farms

This Missouri family farm may be small, but it's bursting with personality. Oh, and their cheese and dairy products are really, really good, too. Make sure to follow their Instagram to know what their latest and greatest cheese inventions are!

3. Pure Luck Farm

The mighty little one that was born on the farm in March! Weighing in at just under 3 pounds.

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Just south of Austin is a goat dairy that is beloved throughout the Hill Country. Producing award-winning cheeses alongside their organic vegetable farming operation, if you're in Central Texas, this old homestead is worth a visit.

With a heartwarming story that makes them an old favorite alongside new farms, Pure Luck is one of the best dairies in the Southwest. Their fresh milk from goats is always so fresh, places like Antonelli's Cheese order it only days in advance. If you can't make it though, there is always their Instagram.

4. Crazy Calf Lady

Hailing from south-central Wisconson, this now Nebraskan resident is a full-time farmher who specializes in calfs and heifers and is a strong advocate for women in Ag. Not to mention she is also an excellent photographer who documents her life on the dairy farm

While most of these dairy farms specialize in goat and sheep, it's always a treat to see dairy cattle being treated kindly and with love. Quality dairy always come from dairy cows happy and content on a new dairy farm, and that's exactly what the Crazy Calf Lady is all about.

5. Pecora Dairy

In the land down under, sheep dairying is big business. Even little farms like Pecora Dairy step up to the plate to produce sought-after, small-batch artisanal cheeses. Not only are their cheeses beautiful to look at, but so is their Instagram.

6. Bliler Boys

This dairy farm is run by a Midwestern family with three generations of boys for farmhands. Of course, you know the mom who is following these guys around is taking photos of both the animals and the men's antics, which makes for a fun Instagram feed.

For a wide variety of photos that'll tug on your heartstrings, like the one above of the boys in the milking parlor, it will give you a new appreciation for the families that keep these farms up and running.

7. Applebys Farm

In the beautiful rolling hills of central England, it's no surprise that the photography is top notch. So when you add in some well-cared for livestock and a few smiles, you won't want to miss any of Applebys' images.

Applebys also gives an inside peek into how milk production moves from point A to point B, and the above photo is an adorable example.

8. Haleakala Creamery

A goat dairy in Hawaii? Who knew. Well, besides having humorous photos, apparently their handcrafted Farm to Spoon Caramel sauces and Goatlato is handcrafted and out of this world. 

9. Glendale Shepherd

This little family sheep dairy in Whidbey Island, Washington, is producing fine sheep's milk cheese, yogurt, and Instagram photos. Bucolic scenery is the backdrop and curious animals fill the foreground. What more could you want from a dairy's Instagram?

10. Lick Ice Cream

Ok, so this is not technically a dairy farm. But, this Austin-based ice cream uses 100 percent Mill King Dairy, which comes from McGregor, Texas.

Unfortunately, the dairy itself doesn't have its own Instagram. So we'll just have to settle for images of what Lick Ice Cream does with their wonderful milk.

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