10 Hilarious Elf on a Shelf Scenes You'll Want to Recreate

Elf on a Shelf has taken over Christmas decorations for the last few years. I remember my time as a manager at Target and Elf on The Shelf was sold out every week. It always reminds me of the Tickle Me Elmo craze. The biggest difference to me is the creativity for scenes shot with your Elf on the Shelf.

Some people make fun scenes for their kids and to keep their imagination alive, while others make scenes for adults and good laughs. Nothing wrong with either, if you ask me. If you are looking for motivation or are just interested in seeing what they hype is about, check out these Elf on the Shelf scenes below.

1. SnapChat filters have taken over, and this elf is no exception to the fad.

2. Nothing wrong with a little competition between the toys. Who is your money on?

3. Here's a friendly game of Uno, even though we all know Uno never ends in a friendly way.

4. Just because you're an elf doesn't mean you can't get your work out in!

Lookie lookie even Elf on a Shelf cycles indoors!??? #elfonashelfadventures

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5. A little bathroom horror for the holidays.

#Elfonashelf #elfonashelfgonebad

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6. Your elf may like a little challenge.

7. Naughty or nice?

8. Sometimes these elves have a mind of their own.

#NaughtyElf #ElfonaShelf

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9. I guess elves are frowned upon in the Star Wars era, or maybe they're Jedis in disguise.

‪Elf on a Shelf + Nerds = Pure Awesomeness‬ Photo Cred: Pinterest ‪#elfonashelf #starwars‬ #christmas

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10. When you gotta go ... you gotta go.

This is hilarious! #elfonashelf #badelf #fireball

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