10 Camper Van Kitchens That Make Cooking on the Road Easy as Pie

When it comes to spending life on the road, cooking can be a hassle. If you consider every tool, gadget, and basic amenity in your home kitchen, packing that into a van with everything else seems nearly impossible. Opting for a portable grill, kitchenware bin, and wash bucket saves space, but it's a pain to constantly take out and set up - not to mention clean up. However with a few renovations and a bit of creativity, you can have the kitchen of your dreams in a rolling home.

Changing the way we think of van living, these 10 mind-blowing renovations have the ideal kitchen setup any traveler would envy. Including stoves, fridges, kitchen sinks, and even counter top spaces, these camper van kitchen will have you considering life as a nomad.

1. VW CamperVan Interior Kitchen

MOB Masker

This rustic VW camper van has everything you could want in a kitchen, with easy access on the inside.

2. Tidy Dodge Ram Kitchen


Yes, this is actually the inside of a Ram. The conversion was slightly over $25,000, but you'll never have to pay rent again.

3. Slide Out Kitchen

Instagram: Vanlife Diaries

If you love being outside, you probably love cooking outside. In that case, get a load of this pull-out kitchen.

4. 1996 VW

The Rolling Home

This sleek kitchen has all the amenities you need, and fits right behind the passenger seat of an old VW van.

5. Converted Ambulance Cooking

Instagram: Vanlife Diaries

Need a little bit more room? Check out this renovated ambulance.

6. Sprinter Camper Van Setup

Sprinter Camper Vans

You would never guess that the inside of a Sprinter could be this awesome.

7. 4x4 Sprinter Kitchen Full Setup

Bearfoot Theory

If you're tired off busting out the Coleman stove, checkout this two burner Ramblewood Green (Model GC2-43P) stove.

With a 1-gallon propane tank hidden under the cabinet, you can cook all week with no problem - and there's plenty of counter space.

8. Sprinter Bathtub Kitchen Sink

This Moving House

Yes, it's another Sprinter, but look at what you can do with these beasts!

With plenty of cabinet space, this kitchen setup features a bathtub sink and double burner. And there's still plenty of space to move around inside.

9. Cargo Van Kitchen

Do It Yourself RV

This cargo van setup spoils you with a sink, burner, and mini fridge with a window right above to air out when cooking.

10. Rustic Chic

Instagram: Veggie Van Life

Just because it's a van, doesn't mean you can't have the decor you want.

Now that you're probably wanting your own fully loaded camper van, checkout how Bearfoot Theory turned her van into a roaming home.

With a few renovations like this, you'll be ready for life on the road.

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