10 Refreshing Beers Perfect for Breezy Springtime Picnics

Alas, springtime has come. The sun is out, the temperature is rising, and the great outdoors are calling our names. After all, it's been a long winter and we're ready to be submerged in nature with a cold one in our hand. It's time to shed our winter skin and the heavy beers that come with it and slide into something a little lighter. After all, you did survive the bitter cold and dreary days that come with the winter months.

Some would even say you owe it to yourself to give all of these beers a try this time of year. Don't worry, they're all delightfully light, fresh and full of flavor; leaving you with a springtime buzz and a feeling of pure whimsy. What's to get out of spring is to be gotten out of these 10 beers: warmth, joy and a whole lot of refreshment.

1. Dogfish Head: Beer to Drink Music To

A holy, tropical, music-inspired blonde? Yes, please. @dogfishhead #beertodrinkmusicto #recordstoreday2017

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This blonde ale has orange and vanilla undertones, creating an experience that's almost like having a creamsicle on a bright, spring day.

Except for the fact that it's a beer, which makes it the best dang popsicle you've ever had.

2. Shiner Bock: Ruby Redbird

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With prevalent grapefruit flavors and a light crispness that is unmatchable, Shiner Bock has us head over heals for their springtime and summer-ready Ruby Redbird.

3. Samuel Adams: Fresh as Helles

With a name like that, it's automatically hard to resist.

Get your citrus-kick on and say, "helles yeah" to a springtime classic.

4. Elysian: Space Dust IPA

If you want hops galore, then Space Dust IPA is the beer for you.

At 8.2 percent ABV, this beer by Elysian packs quite the hoppy punch.

5. Sierra Nevada: Otra Vez

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Looking for a sour beer to quench your springtime thirst?

Look no further than "Otra Vez", a sour blend local California ingredients such as prickly pear and grapefruit.

6. Twisted X: Later Days

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This is the perfect strong ale for someone who enjoys a subdued  IPA.

With a earthy, citrus hint, this strong ale brings new life to your spring beer game.

7. New Belgium: Citradelic

Orange you glad you packed our Tangerine IPA today? #DadJokes #citradelic #NewBelgium Photo via @thefrisbeerguy

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This beer manages to taste like a shandy without actually being one.

With hoppiness that resembles an IPA with a tangerine bite.

8. Montucky: Cold Snacks

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This is the American classic of the craft beer world. The PBR of non-PBRs, if you will. It's low carb aspect and mellow taste make it a go-to any day of the week.

9. 3 Sheep Brewing Company: Nitraberry

Cheers for beers! #3sheepsbrewing #nitraberry #craftbeer

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The name of this beer gives it away in one word: berry. This beer has a sour blackberry touch to it from the brewmasters adding blackberries into the brewing process.

Coming in at 3.7 percent ABV, this is a light classic take for an easygoing spring day.

10. Leinenkugal: Summer Shandy

There's no surprise that this beer rounds out the list of spring beers.

A perfect staple for the beginning of the shift in weather, break out a Summer Shandy and soak in the beauty of warmer times.

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