10 Beef and Venison Jerky Recipes So Good, Grandaddy Would Be Proud

So you have some hunting meat that you want to turn into jerky, but only have one or two recipes in your book that enable you to do so. First off, it's the 21st century, and the internet has your back on the whole recipe thing. Secondly, we love jerky, and want nothing more than to give you everything you could possibly need to spice up your jerky game, or even mellow it out for the pickiest of eaters in your life.

Maybe you have a handful of recipes, but they're just not doing you as good as they used to out of age, meaning this one recipe has been around for years, you make it all of the time, and you just want something different for a change.

Whatever your reason may be as to the curiosities of jerky making, long behold ten of our favorite beef and venison jerky recipes around. Grab your soy sauce, your liquid smoke, your flank steak, venison steaks, and onion powder because the fun's about to  start.

1. Electric Smoker Jerky


The benefits of using an electric smoker are that you know exactly what temperature your jerky is cooking at, making it easier for you to tell when it's time to call it a day and indulge.

To add that smoked, hickory flavor, throw in some wood chips. Get the recipe here.

2. Black Pepper Jerky

Food and Wine

The combination of cracked peppercorns in both the marinade and topping of this jerky gives it a spice unlike your typical jerky recipes. Plus it's hard to go wrong with Worcestershire sauce.

You can use ground black pepper, but we really love freshly cracked peppercorns. Get the deer jerky recipe here.

3. Very Teriyaki Beef Jerky

Cooking with Janica

This jerky is just like the teriyaki jerky you'd see in your local grocery store, except only better in every single way because you made it fresh yourself. We like a strong dash of garlic powder to amplify the umami taste of the teriyaki sauce.

When you taste test, there's no competition. Get the recipe here.

4. Kentucky Bourbon Beef Jerky


Change things up a bit and use whiskey in your marinade for beef jerky. Heck, there's even a recipe for whiskey-fied venison jerky, too. We recommend trying both because, well, neither will let you down (and we want to know your favorite!)

Wild game never tasted so rich! A dash of brown sugar goes a long way, too. Get the beef recipe here.

5. Dehydrator Beef Jerky

The Square Plate

Now's the perfect time to dust off that dehydrator you got for Christmas that you haven't quite gotten the usage out of so far.

With this simple recipe, dehydrating meat will be your weekly go-to for creating well-proportioned snacks. Get the homemade beef jerky recipe here.

6. Sweet and Spicy Venison Jerky

A Fun Foodie

Though this is a long drying process, it will be more than worth it when your loved ones get a hand of this tangy recipe with a kick. This is a great recipe for introducing newbies to the flavorful taste of deer meat.

Get the recipe for homemade venison jerky here.

7. Cracked Black Pepper Jerky

Ann McCue via Just a Pinch

This garlic concoction of the beloved Worcestershire sauce blended with cracked black pepper is the perfect solution to clearing out your meat fridge and putting that venison to good use.

Get the recipe here.

8. Spicy Teriyaki Deer Jerky

Traeger Grills

The only item on this list of ingredients you might not already have in your kitchen is mirin, but outside of that, you're 15 minutes of preparation away from four sweet, sweet hours of jerky-making goodness.

Venison meat just pairs so well with Asian-inspired flavors. Get the recipe here.

9. Chipotle Venison Jerky


This is the perfect jerky to pair with a cheese plate or that of crackers and fruit, as you may need something more subdued to wash down the spice of this recipe with. Trust us, it's well worth the heat.

Get the recipe here.

10. Cayenne Habanero Jerky + 5 Others

Food Addicts

This set of jerky recipes is one of the best we've seen. The other flavors include Hamburger, Honey BBQ, Spicy Beer, Hawaiian, and Lemongrass & Chili.

Find the recipes here.

Homemade Jerky Supplies

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