The 10 Pear Dessert Recipes That Prove Pears Are So Underrated

When in season, it's a great idea to not only stock up on apples, but pears too. I always have a full supply of in my kitchen because they make a great healthy snack and are also the first step to creating an elegant dessert. When the seasons change, certain fruits don't taste as good as they should, which means that they aren't available at the store, but pear in their many varieties are available year-round. That's a huge plus in my book!

Like apples, pears hold up really well during baking and believe it or not, during grilling, too! There are a ton of varieties of pears that come in different sizes, colors and shapes and are an overall nutritious snack. Oh, and did you know that December is National Pear Month? Give these pear dessert recipes a try so you can celebrate this delicious fruit during the last couple of days in December!

1. Whole Pear Crisp

Pear desserts
Bon Aippetit

I love apple and pear crisp during the winter and fall. It's warming and comforting and so good with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. This whole pear crisp recipe is a little untraditional, but makes the perfect dessert, especially for a dinner party.

The pears halves are just the right size for one person and the center is filled with a cinnamon, oat and brown sugar crisp. The recipe suggests using D'Anjou pears, which are overall great to use for baked pears. It's best to serve these warm with plenty of ice creamHere's the recipe.

2. Red Wine Poached Pears

pear-dessert-recipesPoached pears are so elegant and simple to make. They can be served in different ways: for dessert with ice cream, chopped up and mixed into salad, drizzled with chocolate sauce or the reduced wine syrup. Who wouldn't want to eat a red wine soaked pear?!  It's also a great way to use up any leftover red wine you might have lying around, especially for a Valentine recipe.

Find the recipe here.  And if you prefer white wine, try out these white wine poached pears instead. Fresh pears and ripe pears are great for these recipes.

3. Pear Almond Streusel Bread

Pear desserts
Two Peas & Their Pod

This pear quick bread is going to be your go-to snack, breakfast or dessert recipe. The bread itself is flavored with ingredients like cinnamon, almond extract and chopped pears and topped with almond streusel.

To finish this bread, a simple almond glaze is drizzled on top. Almost too pretty to eat! Here's the recipe.

4. Upside Down Pear Chocolate Cake

Pear desserts

Sweet pears, caramel and dark chocolate: these three things are perfection, especially together. This is very much like a pineapple upside down cake where caramel is poured onto the bottom of the pan, the fruit is arranged on top and covered in cake batter.

Don't worry when the time comes to flip the finished cake upside down! You can go around the edges with a knife to help release the sides. Its worth the minute or two of stress because this delicious dessert is heavenly! Find the recipe here.

5. Grilled Pears with Cinnamon Drizzle

Pear desserts
A House In The Hills

Grilled fruits are so delicious and truly do make a fun dessert. Heartier fruits like peaches, apples, pineapple, apricots, and for this recipe, pears hold up really well when grilling.

Drizzle these pears with a mixture of cinnamon and honey, chopped pecans and get ready for this, flaky sea salt! So elegant! You can even switch it up to your own preferences, like would you prefer a cream cheese filling? Make that happen. Here's the recipe.

6. Puff Pastry Pear Tartlets

Pear desserts
Food & Wine

Crème fraîche, softened pears and toasted almonds sit on top of flaky crusts cooked until golden brown for the simple and pretty dessert. If you've never had puff pastry before, it's a very flaky and buttery dough that easy to find in the frozen aisle.

You can also make it yourself, however it does take some time to prepare, so the convenience of pre-made puff pastry is definitely a huge help! Bartlett pears are perfect for this recipe that'll be a superstar in your recipe box. Find the recipe here.

7. Caramel Pear Cookies

Pear desserts
Gimme Some Oven

Caramel and apples  are a delicious combination of foods, but these cookies are loaded with bits of caramel pieces and diced pears to make another delicious combination. The dough is also spiced with a little cinnamon and brown sugar. Talk about comfort food!

You can't have just one, so maybe it's best to make a double batch! These cookies are the perfect pear dessert. Here is the recipe.

8. Pear and Chocolate Brioche Bread Pudding

Pear desserts
Martha Stewart

Bread pudding is such an easy dessert that you can make with any leftover bread that you don't want to throw away. For this recipe, brioche bread is recommended. Brioche is a very rich and buttery bread that's similar to challah bread and perfect in bread pudding. If you don't have brioche bread, challah or white bread can be used.

This recipe has the added bonus of sliced pears and bittersweet chocolate as well as a topping of sanding sugar. You can serve this bread pudding on its own or with whipped cream. I also think a drizzling of a bourbon spiked caramel sauce would be extra fancy and tasty, too! Find the recipe here.

9. Drop Biscuit Pear and Dried Cherry Cobbler

Pear desserts
Bon Appétit

Cobblers are rustic and a delicious hearty dessert to quickly put together. This cobbler has Bosc pears, tart dried cherries and is topped with an airy biscuit.

Even better, you'll only need one bowl to make the biscuit dough! If you can't find dried cherries, dried cranberries will work for this as well. Here's the recipe.

10. Vanilla Cardamom Pear Hand Pies

Pear desserts
An Edible Mosaic

These perfectly sized pear hand pies are exactly what you need! The pears mixed with the floral vanilla beans and cardamom makes for a delicious filling.

Bonus: When cooking the pears with the sugar and lemon juice, it creates a flavorful syrup that isn't needed for the filling. Don't throw it away! Use it to sweeten up tea or for drizzling over pancakes or oatmealFind the recipe here.

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