This Girl Got a Bouquet of Chicken Nuggets Because Dreams Are Real

If you’re among the millions of American men and women scrambling today to find a semi-late Valentine’s Day gift for the ones you love, look no further than Annika Aguinaldo and Rico Villanueva, 19-year-old sweethearts living in the Philippines.

The couple’s first time hanging out was at a McDonald’s, and the couple has continued this trend, treating one another to fast-food treats.

Villanueva, however, really stepped up his game.


A few weeks ago, Villanueva asked Aguinaldo to meet him for a surprise; when she arrived, he presented her with a beautiful bouquet — of chicken nuggets.

Aguinaldo, never a fan of flowers, said she’d joked in the past with Villanueva about preferring a bouquet of chicken, but never thought he’d make her dream come true.


And, since we know you’re wondering … yes, they ate them (after the requisite photo shoot).

Now that’s how it’s done, fellas. Ladies, if you need an idea, check out the Broquet – it’s the gift that keeps on giving.

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