Bet You Don’t Know the Finnish Word for Drinking Home Alone Without Pants

If you’re one of those people who eagerly waits for the weekend and spends every second moving from one yoga class to brunch to grocery shopping to errands, I applaud your motivation and drive.

I, and I imagine many others just like me, look forward to the weekend to recharge, relax, and try to not put pants on for as long as possible. I know there are many others like me because Finland confirms they have a word for this: Kalsarikännit.

The Finland tourism site states that Kalsarikännit means:

The feeling when you are going to get drunk home alone in your underwear – with no intention of going out.

This Is Finland
This Is Finland

Now they’re talking our love language,  y’all.

The Danish concept of hygge all but decimated our social media feeds this autumn and holiday season, but there’s something even more timeless about owning up to your introverted, pants-averse self that makes me believe Finland’s concept is here to stay.

In fact, signal it to your friends with the Finland emoji collection – the first country in the world to publish a set of themed emojis.

They were created to describe some hard-to-describe Finnish emotions and customs, but something about drinking without pants on is the most universal idea ever.

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