Where to Find the Best Apple Pie in Each State

No Thanksgiving meal is complete without pie. No pie is more American than apple pie. If we know these two facts to be self-evident and true, then clearly you are going to need an apple pie on your Thanksgiving table this year.

However, the question remains: Where is the best apple pie? Well, that depends on your state. So to help you celebrate this Thanksgiving season and enjoy its flavors to the fullest, we’re going to show you where to dig your fork into slices of the best apple pie in each state.

Alabama: Pie Lab in Greensboro

a very happy pie birthday.

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If you look up the best apple pie in Alabama, you’ll likely see the Pie Lab listed at numero uno. That’s just because it is the best.

Good for your soul and good for the community (they donate all the proceeds to a local charity that provides resources to the homeless), Pie Lab’s apple crumble pies really are a little slice of heaven.

Alaska: The Moose is Loose Bakery in Soldotna

Sugar overload. Lemon and cream donut, halibut sugar cookie, sour cream donut and apple fritter.

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What if you could pick the same fruit that was going into your pies?

Well, at Apple Annie’s you can indulge in an award-winning piece of pie and then walk around in the orchards to gather the same apples that you know were hand-selected, peeled, and cooked to perfection in the pie you just ate.

Arkansas: Catalpa Cafe and General Store in Ozone

FB/Catalpa Cafe and General Store
FB/Catalpa Cafe and General Store

Just a simple stop off the highway, this general store serves up tasty and classic southern dishes to hungry travelers. However, locally, these guys are well known for their homemade apple pie.

Well, now the secret is out. So next time you’re driving down country road 5351, fill up yourself while you fill up your car by sampling one of their delicious pies.

California: Apple Alley Bakery in Julian

Apple pie a la mode in Julian, CA #applepie #applealleybakery

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This town prides itself on being one of America’s premier pie destinations, and Apple Alley Bakery is one of the hot destinations in this top pie town.

Serving up several piping hot varieties of apple pie, you’ll find yourself hard pressed to just try one.

Colorado: Granny Scott’s Pie Shop in Lakewood

Today marked my last day rollin out the dough at the Pie Shop. Thank you for the sweet times?

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On any given day, you can find as many as 25 different kinds of pie here.

However, out of all the flavors, their caramel apple is a standout flavor that won first prize at the National Pie Championships.

Connecticut: Michele’s Pies in Norwalk

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For the love of pie, you need to try one of these gems!

These pies take classic apple pie to a whole new level, leaving you to wonder where this particular version of apple pie has been your whole life.

Delaware: Papa’s Pastry Shop in Wilmington

The first state definitely has first-rate apple pie. In fact, they have two varieties! Whatever you choose be prepared to come back for more.

Florida: Cena by Michy in Miami

This iconic restaurant is well known for its decadent desserts. Try the fried apple pie.

Not only is this a Southern tradition, but its pairing with apple cider caramel and vanilla ice cream is sure to knock your socks off.

Georgia: R&A Orchards in Ellijay

Apple pie wasn't on Tom and Donna's Treat Yo Self list, but it should have been… #treatyoself #nationaldessertday

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In true southern fashion, your pies in Georgia come fried. These pies are made with no added sugar from the apples that are grown on the 60 acres of orchard that this store belongs to.

How much better could an apple pie get? Not much.

Hawaii: Hawaiian Pie Company in Honolulu

We’ll admit it. When it comes to Hawaii you probably imagine a pineapple pie before you imagine an apple pie. Nevertheless, as they are one of the 50 states, it shouldn’t be surprising that, hidden though it may be, there are apple pie sanctuaries in this tropical state.

So don’t worry, when you get that apple pie craving as you’re sunning yourself on a Hawaiian beach this fall, look no further than Grandpa Yoshio’s apple pie to tide you over until you get back to the mainland.

Idaho: Bramble in Boise

Don’t think that because this place is currently online only that it isn’t worth your time. Au contraire. Their popularity has risen to such heights that they have plans to open a brick and mortar store in the near future.

That doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t try these pies right now though. Out of the dozens of pies available from this little online shop, the salted caramel apple is a customer favorite.

Illinois: Hoozier Mama Pie Company in Chicago

Apple pies for a beautiful Fall day! #applepie #farmapples #handmadewithlove #eatmorepie #keepyourforktherespie

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With a rotating daily pie menu, make sure you stop by on the days that they’re serving up their warm apple pie.

It’s so delicious that it will absolutely be worth your trip to the Ukranian Village neighborhood of Chicago to stuff yourself into a tiny, retro-styled shop.

Indiana: My Sugar Pie in Zionsville

Dutch Apple Pie #indyfood

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Who knew apple pie is actually delicious enough to inspire someone to establish an entire bakery around it? Well, apparently that’s the case.

At My Sugar Pie, try the inspiration behind this shop. “Mom’s Original” Dutch Apple Pie is made with layers of fresh apples, cinnamon, and sugar, and is the signature pie of this shop.

Iowa: Deal’s Orchard in Jefferson

Naturally, the fall is the best time to enjoy an apple pie. But if you indulge in a pie that is made on the same property that apple are picked on, you know that you are about to taste a spectacular culinary creation.

Therefore, you have to try the apple pies at Deal’s Orchard. Don’t worry, if you’re thirsty afterwards, wash down the pie with a pint of their homemade hard cider.

Kansas: The Upper Crust Pie Bakery in Overland Park

Birthday weekend! Pie for breakfast!! #pie #applepie #theuppercrustpiebakery #kc

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The apple pie made here is just like Grandma’s. Except there’s a pinch of nutmeg added in for a hit of modern flavor.

Kentucky: Homemade Ice Cream & Pie Kitchen in Louisville

Dutch. Apple. Carmel. ?

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The name says it all – everything here is made from scratch. It may take time, but the result is so good that their Dutch apple caramel pie has won multiple awards. It may look too good to eat, but trust us, it’s not.

Louisiana: Not Just Pie in Monroe

Pie time! #rainyday #pieday #lemoncream #applepie #yum #afternoontea

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Of the 13 kinds of pie, various other dessert offerings, and lunch menu items, somehow the apple pie still manages to stand out.

Made from scratch and filled with love, the apple pie at Not Just Pie is the sweetest thing around.

Maine: Two Fat Cats Bakery in Portland

#delicious #pies at #twofatcatsbakery in #portland #maine #맛집투어 #포틀랜드여행 #파이

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This bakery may be the number one destination in the state for classic Americana baking.

What really makes them special is their seasonal apple pie, made with Cortland and McIntosh apples, which packs enough flavor in its natural state that no fancy toppings are needed. 

Maryland: Dangerously Delicious Pies in Baltimore

What happens when a musician opens a pie shop? Really good things. Unleash your inner rock and roll and enjoy a slice of apple crumb pie.

The excellence of this combination may just surprise you.

Massachusetts: Petsi Pies in Somerville

With everything handmade daily, you better get to Petsi Pies before their stock sells out.

Or better yet, just put in your order for a whole pie so that you don’t have to share. Just make sure that you do it 48 hours in advance!

Michigan: Achatz Handmade Pie Company in Armada

Simple yet delicious is the name of the game at Achatz Pie Company. However, despite their love of simplicity, they were able to concoct three kinds of apple pie.

Looks like you’re going to have to try all these pies and see if they deserve the awards that they’ve received.

Minnesota: Rustic Inn Cafe in Two Harbors

Out with our grandparents on the beautiful, and amazingly tasty adventure that is up the North Shore 🙂

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Don’t mistake rustic for old and boring. The apple pie here is anything but. In fact, the house specialty here is the apple caramel pecan pie.

Yes, this pie exist and it has rolled all the great things about fall into one delicious bite.

Mississippi: Bottletree Bakery in Oxford

Apple pies, apple brioche, apple croissants. They have it all at the Bottle Tree Bakery.

Sought out by the locals and a favorite of Oprah Winfrey, their apple pie might take the cake (so to speak).

Missouri: A Slice of Pie in Rolla

A tiny little place located off Interstate 44, A Slice of Pie was opened by two school teachers in 1986. With a passion for pie and people, you’ll feel like you walked into your grandmother’s kitchen the moment you pass through their doors.

So if you’re passing through and decide you need some lunch, stop off here. Since apples are fruit, this pie is just as good as eating the fresh fruit, right? Well, let’s be honest, it’s probably better. 

Montana: Loula’s Cafe in Whitefish

You can visit this cafe to for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, or you can visit it to have a slice of pie. We recommend the pie. Seriously, owners Mary Lou Covey and Laura Hansen sell 3,000 – 4,000 pies every year. So you know they’re baking something good.

However, to really taste their skill, try one of their four varieties of apple pie. You won’t be disappointed.

Nebraska: Stauffer’s Cafe and Pie Shoppe in Lincoln

Nebraska stereotypes keep on Comin….

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The fact that ‘shop’ is spelled with an ‘e’ here should give you a clue that this joint is old-school good. Actually their tagline backs up this assumption.

It says: “Coming to Stauffer’s is like coming home to Grandma’s.” The fact is backed up by any of their four varieties of pie.

Nevada: Wet Hen Café in Reno

A favorite of locals and passersby alike, this café serves up rustic food with a French twist. In particular, their apple pie is out of this world.

Stacked high with spiced apple and topped with a crumbly crust, it is worth a pit stop if you are ever in the Reno area.

New Hampshire: Saxy Chef Bakery in Dublin

Supporting our local pie maker Saxy Chef with this pie that I can't wait to try. #pie #saxychef

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Apple pies with a little surprise? Yep, apple pie just hit next level at the Saxy Chef.

Filled with unusual accompaniments like fig and blood orange, your mouth will be curving with delight at the saxiness of these flavor combinations.

New Jersey: Penza’s Pies in Hammonton

Stopping by #redbarn on a snowy evening. #yummm #pies #perfection

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Leave it to those in Brooklyn to come up with a creative rendition of a classic apple pie to make it even more delicious.

That’s right, this fall try a salted caramel apple pie. Get it by the slice or by the pie. The choice is yours.

New York: Four and Twenty Blackbirds in Brooklyn

You could go upstate to find the best apple pie, or you could stick to heading to Brooklyn where you will find some of the most delicious, crisp crust you’ll ever eat.

Four and Twenty Blackbirds aren’t playing around when it comes to apple pies, and neither should you.

North Carolina: Scratch Baking in Durham

Great way to start the day! @scratchdurhamnc #durham #sogood

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Many of the pies on this menu have won awards. However, the apple crumb pie remains a favorite with the clientele.

Baked with a unique combination of Jonathan and Spy apples and topped with sweet streusel on top, it’s not hard to see why.

Oklahoma: Pie Junkie in Oklahoma City

#dateday part 5 – three slices of pie and two forks.

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The two women who own this bakery claim that they make pies even better than Grandma’s. Is it even legal to claim that?!

While the acceptability of this claim remains up for debate, the truth of it may surprise you when you take your first bite of their brown sugar and oat-topped apple crumb pie.

Oregon: Random Order Pie Bar in Portland

Leave it to the inhabitants of Portlandia to dream up the ultimate apple pie experience. Because this is no mere pie, you must prepare yourself to indulge. Get ready to savor a blend of Granny Smith & Pink Lady apples tumbled in homemade caramel and nestled into a Tahitian vanilla sugar-salted crust. Omg, yum.

Pennsylvania: Lancaster Central Market in Lancaster

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This indoor farmer’s market hides several stalls that are legendary for their pies. Dedicate your Saturday to a pie-a-thon and wander through this food-laden maze to sample the apple pies that are available.

Come report back with your favorites of the bunch. 

Rhode Island: Humble Pie Company in Providence

Nothing says ?? like ?. We have whole apple pies today only for the 4th! @aquidneckgrowersmarket @mounthopefarm1745

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Only available for portions of the year at farmers’ markets, the apple pies from this baker are well worth the wait.

Next time they’re available, try the Dutch apple. Baked beneath a crunchy cinnamon and nutmeg-spiced crumble, your taste buds are guaranteed to be delighted.

South Carolina: Carolina Cider Company in Yemassee

They started with apple cider and have since branched out into jams, jellies, syrups, and sauces.

However, it is their pies that really make this cider company stand out. Buttery flakey crust paired with crisp and perfectly spiced apples. Seriously, what’s not to like.

South Dakota: The Purple Pie Place in Custer

The cutest ? #purplepieplace #southdakota

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The pie is not actually purple, but the place is. Between the violet walls of this establishment is where some of the best apple pie in the Black Hills are baked.

The secret, apparently, lies in the crust.

Tennessee: The Loving Pie Company in Nashville

With only four years under its belt, this pie company has nevertheless earned its reputation.

Its apple pie is a delicious classic that is always a wonderful standby amid the continual rotation of inventive flavors like red velvet chess pie.

Texas: Texas Pie Company in Kyle

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Located forty five minutes from Austin, the Texas Pie Company really lives up to the state’s slogan of “everything’s bigger in Texas”.

Their Dutch apple pie is piled high with fresh apples and a heavy hand sprinkled it with a crispy topping so good that with every bite you’ll hear yourself saying, “just one more bite.”

Utah: Thunderbird Restaurant in Mt. Carmel

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Home of the “ho-made” pie. Yes, seriously. These pies are what happened when the owner tried to shorten “homemade” to fit on his sign.

The result? A hilariously delicious array of pies including the apple pie with rum sauce. Yeah, it’s lip-lickin’ good.

Vermont: Vermont Apple Pie in Proctorsville

Fresh apple pie and cheddar. Only in Vermont. ??

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Allow yourself a moment to let your taste buds go wild at breakfast. Open from 8am until noon, this bakery is serving up delicious bites to get your day off to a good start.

Plus, like it’s namesake says, apple pie is a completely acceptable option for your first meal of the day.

Virginia: Mom’s Apple Pie Company in Leesburg


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Baked-to-order, handmade pies are the product of these kitchens. However, what makes the apple pie particularly outstanding at this pie company is the fact that they are handmade all the way from farm to table. Literally.

The owner, Avis Renshaw, and her husband pick much of the fruit that goes into their pies from a nearby farm that they own.

Washington: Fuel Coffee in Seattle

Leave it to those Seattle natives to combine excellent coffee with their pie. Yep, in this city you really can’t go anywhere without having to weigh in on the quality of the coffee.

So go ahead, join the conversation. Just make sure to try one of the mini apple pies to really enhance the flavor of your cup of joe.

West Virginia: Sugar Pie Bakery in Charleston

Baked fresh from scratch every day, the apple pie that comes out of this bakery will not disappoint.

Rustic to its core, this pie is a classic that is sure to please the most avid apple pie aficionado as well as the most down-home apple pie lover.

Wisconsin: Stockholm Pie and General Store in Stockholm

Apple pie for breakfast? Yes, please!!!!!!!!!!! #apple #love

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You may find that you love this shop’s delectable apple pie made from Braeburn apples so much that you experience a case of Stockholm Syndrome.

Okay, bad joke, but this apple pie is so perfect that you may really wonder if you’ve ever had anything better.

Wyoming: Trapper Grill in Moran

It doesn’t get much more American than a slice of apple pie while gazing at the westward wilderness of the Grand Tetons.

When the pie is topped with huckleberries and homemade streusel, you’re sure to feel as if you were enjoying a slice of pie right at home.

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