Buc-ee’s Is Opening First-Ever Store Outside of Texas

You know you’re a Texan if you’ve ever taken the long way home just to pass a Buc-ee’s. Oh, how much love we have for the candy selection, the beef jerky, the kolaches, and the Beaver Nuggets. It’s so much that when we talk to people from out of state, we forget they might not even know who that beaver is. Well, not anymore. The Lone Star State’s beloved gas station chain announced that it was ready to expand beyond Texas.

So what state would capture the heart of Buc-ee’s? Look no further than Daytona, Florida, where the massive gas station will sit on a site of about 32 acres, slightly east of Interstate 95, as KSAT12 reported. Florida, you are welcome.

Ever since the first Buc-ee’s opened in Lake Jackson, Texas in 1982, it became a Texas tradition on roadtrips as it expanded to the 37 locations it has today. There was talk of a Buc-ee’s opening in Baton Route, Louisiana this time last year, though the plans were terminated in during Fall 2016.

Somehow Florida, you made the cut. Congratulations! Now here’s a peek at what you’ll be getting.

1. The Candy Wall

?? #candy!! ?? #RoadTrip #snacks #Bucees @buceestexas

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Not a road trip unless Buc-ee's is involved. ?

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2. The cozy pillows

It's a good day @buceestexas #texas #bucees #texasangeloil #tao www.texasangeloil.com

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@natamango ?

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3. The life-size beavers

Buc-ees > wawa #bucees #beavernuggets

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Shoutout the big bro Buc-ee for the fresh jerky and pecans #whenintexas#everythingsbiggerintexas

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4. The Buc-ee’s Beaver Nuggets

Yum yums

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#yolo #bucees #beavernuggets

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5. The cleanest gas station bathrooms

#tbt to being trapped in an infinite hallway of urinals and hand sanitizers at Bu-ee's…

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6. The Cold Necessities

best part of any day

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nothin but the best

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7. The breakfast options

Kolache Kountry

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Yasss sausage on stick wrapped in flour tortilla #buc-ees #bbq #texassnack

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It's a beaver… brisket. Egg. Bacon. #godblesstexas #bastrop

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8. The Beef Jerky

I ❤️ Texas #jerkytime

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Spicy ? Garlic Bohemian Beef-jerky #foodporn #foodie #instagood #bucees #itsatexasthingyll

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9. The BBQ Rub

10. The excitement when you pull up to one

Shooting at the happiest place on earth this morning #texasgold #bucees #allthepickledthings #andcowboyhatsforever

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Houston, we're comin for ya!

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So Florida, do you think you can handle all of that? Maybe now Texans will start flocking to Daytona!

To what state should Buc-ee’s expand next?! I can think of a few deserving places.

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