10 Places You’ll Find the Best Fried Chicken in Texas

Chicken, chicken, chicken what combo you pickin’?! Everybody loves fried chicken and if you don’t, then you’re probably a vegan. Everything is bigger in Texas and our fried chicken tastes the best.

The perfect piece of chicken must be seasoned accordingly and juicy and tender. Here’s our countdown of the 10 places you can find the best fried chicken in Texas.

10. Underwood’s Cafeteria in Brownwood

Photo of Underwood's Cafeteria - Brownwood, TX, United States. Fried Chicken
Yelp/Massimo F.

When ‘the middle of nowhere’ is mentioned, Brownwood may come to mind, but don’t let the lack of city life deter you from this wonderful chicken.

It’s a delicious barbecue restaurant that serves up a nice fried yardbird.

9. Max’s Wine Dive at Various Locations

Photo of MAX's Wine Dive - Dallas, TX, United States
Yelp/Boosie B.

Max’s Wine Dives are featured all over the Texas landscape, but the best one I’ve experienced was in downtown Austin during SXSW.

They slow cook their chicken and even let you know on the menu that it will take a while because it’s just worth the wait.

8. Mr. and Mrs. G’s Home Cooking in San Antonio

Photo of Mr & Mrs G's Home Cooking - San Antonio, TX, United States. One meat plate of fried chicken with three veggies.
Yelp/ Catherine C.

This is where you’ll find true soul food and down home cooking. The owners’ roots come from good food and it shows in the love tasted in every bite.

Their crispy fried chicken is a San Antonio favorite and goes great with their homemade sides and pies.

7. Babe’s Chicken Dinner House at Various Locations

Photo of Babe's Chicken Dinner House - Carrollton - Carrollton, TX, United States
Michelle L.

Found in central and north Texas, Babe’s Chicken House specializes in family style dining. Come in with a group and enjoy the fellowship around a table of greatness.

6. Mrs. P’s Electric Cock in Austin

Photo of Ms P's Electric Cock Fried Chicken - Austin, TX, United States. Delicious boneless white-meat tenderloin
Yelp/Nick M.

Although the name might throw you off, this chicken is one of a kind. It is a bit pricey, but it is completely well worth it.

Be sure to try out their truffle macaroni and cheese!

5. Halls Honey Fried Chicken in Dallas

Halls Honey Fried Chicken
Facebook/Tina Jackson

Halls Honey Fried Chicken, I repeat, honey fried chicken! Yes, it is simply amazing.

A smooth juicy piece of chicken with lovely flavor, and the fries and jalapeño to match. They even have chicken and waffles, if you’re in the mood for a breakfast meal.

4. #1 Chicken Rice & Seafood in Houston

Photo of #1 Chicken Rice & Seafood - Houston, TX, United States. The 3 piece with fries, with a Breast substitution! These pieces were HUGE!
Yelp/Tony A.

#1 Chicken Rice and Seafood is a Third Ward staple of Houston. They serve the chicken with fried rice or fries, and the fried rice is not something to shy away from.

They also serve homemade pies. Cash is king here, so be sure to hit the ATM before you are sent away. You’ll fall in love with their quick, easy and fresh chicken right at your fingertips.

3. Rudy’s Chicken in Dallas

Photo of Rudy's Chicken - Dallas, TX, United States. Chicken wings
Yelp/ Nga N.

This chicken so good, the city of Dallas gave them almost a million dollars to build a new location with a dual drive-thru. It was a great suggestion, but the line still wraps around the corner.

At least you know it will be fresh, you just have to wait for it.

2. Gus’s Fried Chicken in Austin

Photo of Gus's World Famous Fried Chicken - Austin, TX, United States. Special on Friday, July 24: 4 pieces of dark fried chicken, subbed coleslaw and beans with collard greens and mac 'n' cheese
Yelp/Tiff T.

When in Austin, make sure you make a stop off San Jacinto and get some of this world famous chicken. They have locations throughout the South, but we’re partial to this one.

1. Frenchy’s Chicken in Houston

Photo of Frenchy's Chicken - Pearland, TX, United States
Yelp/Patrick C.

This is the best fried chicken in Texas, hands down. Frenchy’s comes out on top because of their tender, juicy chicken and the immaculate seasoning applied to it.

When in Houston make sure you go to the original location off Scott Street. They have locations elsewhere, but this is where the magic first began. I usually get the King Special. I suggest you do the same.

If you feel there is a chicken spot that should be on the list, let us know!

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