A Sommelier’s Take on the Best Boxed Wines You Can Buy

Being a wine expert means you get to taste some of the best wines in the world. And sometimes, it means you don’t. Award-winning wine expert Patrick Cappiello threw caution to the wind when he decided to break down the barriers of boxed wine. Wine with a spout usually gets a bad rap, and with good reason.

As Cappiello explains, it’s a whole lot of wine  and, for the most part, it is generally not made very well. Think movie theater hot dogs or gas station sushi. While the bang for your buck may be appealing, it will cost you in other ways.  So, he put a few of the big boys to the test. What results is a lot of  giggling and a whole lot more gagging than we expected.

While we aren’t too surprised that Franzia scored an F, it was shocking to hear that Black Box isn’t really that good. Sometimes, good packaging really is deceiving. 

However, the next time you see Bandit or Bota Box, you should probably pick one up because it ranked decently and that’s all you can ask for!

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