The Best Wedding Moments Are Captured from a GoPro Attached to Fireball

Wedding season is upon us. Expensive dresses, drunk Uncle Phil, and outrageous destinations aside, you can control certain aspects of your wedding experience. Whether it’s your wedding or someone else’s, one easy way to spice things up is to film everything. And we mean everything. No, we aren’t suggesting you hire a filming company.

What we’re saying is to grab a GoPro and a bottle of booze, combine them, and let mayhem ensue. Update: A GoPro attached to Fireball captures the best wedding moments. The concept is simple: You can attach the GoPro to the bottle however you’d like. Next, turn it on. Lastly, drink. (Why don’t more sets of instructions end with a command to drink?)

As you can see in the above video, the footage you’ll capture is truly priceless. Uncle Phil was going to get drunk either way. This way, you’ll be able to capture his every move. (We’re assuming the bottle will be within his reach throughout the whole ordeal.)

People have been attaching GoPro cameras to bottles of booze for a bit now, and we think there’s truly no better use for the device. One good alternative, though, may be strapping the camera to a dog and letting him or her run around the wedding freely. Note: Petting dogs is fine. Petting a bottle of cinnamon whiskey may make you seem, well, sad.

Needless to say, drinking is all fun and games until it’s no longer fun and games. Drink responsibly, don’t chip your tooth, and, most importantly, don’t hold back. We’ve seen a handful of these videos, but we’d love to see more in the future!